How to spend a rainy day in Bergen

Six indoor activities that will make you forget about the bad weather.


That itchy feeling at Fantoft – again

Like last year, many Fantoft tenants are complaining about bed bugs in their rooms.

Women's March_JH_05

Students supporting women

Anger and concern, but also hope.

FRIEND PRODUCER: International Days invited both international and Norwegian student to forge friendships tuesday night at Det Akademiske Kvarter. FOTO: THEA ELISABETH STEPHANSEN

Where friends meet

Students met face to face at Det Akademiske Kvarter, hoping to forge new friendships.


This is how exchange students will get to know Norwegians

Too few Norwegian participants caused Erasmus Student Network to say no to several exchange students. Now they try another solution.

Michael Chandra

Robbed by birth

Inequality, discrimination, birthday presents. It’s something we need to talk about.

EXPENSIVE: Riccardo Grippi and Chiara Agostinelli from Italy have both noticed the Norwegian prices. PHOTO: LENE RISHOLT THORBJØRNSEN

– Norway is ridiculously expensive

A record number of international students just arrived. Many of them seem to be concerned with the steep prices in Norwegian grocery stores.

Carolyn McCarthy

Julebord: The annual excuse to abuse waitstaff

APROPOS: What julebord season means to your server.

Joana Ruvimbo Mamombe: A voice for the voiceless.

A voice that will not be silenced

The Students at Risk programme has helped Joana Ruvimbo Mamombe continue her education after she endured sexual assault and beatings in her home country for activist work.


International exchange student takes political action with other 25 students

In the span of a few days in November Jarrod Cooke raised 860 kroner. The goal? To feed the homeless.

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Construction Work Frustrates Fantoft Residents

'Dusty and loud' construction work spreads anger and sleepless nights. – Unlivable conditions, says student.

The girl on the train_DreamWorks

Drama In The Suburb

«The Girl On The Train» is an exiting story of a mystery of a train ride.


Fantoft under surveillance

CCTV cameras are being installed in Fantoft Student Accommodation, igniting debates about privacy and security.