Second-hand shops in Bergen



If you need to do some shopping, bare in mind these options. There are more possibilities than just the conventional shops you already know.

When buying clothes and other things you may need, specially in a city as expensive as Bergen, it´s important to have as many options as possible to compare prices and quality. A good alternative to the big and common shops we find in the malls are second-hand shops. Besides not being in general very cheap, it´s a more eco-friendly choice and you will find clothes with a more special character.


SKOSTREDET. In the Skostredet street you can find several second-hand and retro shops. One of them is Klesskapet. FOTO: LENE THORBJØRNSEN

There are plenty of them here in Bergen. We asked the administrators of «Loppemarkeder i Bergen», a Facebook page which provides information about flea markets and second hand sales in order to encourage this ecological way of shopping, for their favorite second-hand shops.

The administrator, whose identity remains a secret, recommended us the store Klesskapet in Skostredet street because of the quality of their supply. It´s not a very big shop, but they have a pretty good variety of clothes, all of them with this special vintage style which makes everything unique.

In Klesskapet you can find warm coats for 1200 nok, handbags for 250 nok, sweaters for 800 nok or leather boots for 500 nok. If boys have a special occasion and want to add an original touch to their outfits, there´s a good variety of original ties, for 100 nok each.

«Loppemarkeder  Bergen» also asked its followers for make they own recommendations. One of them was Fretex, a big outlet store which receives new stuff every day. Fretex is not only an ecological choice, it also aims to provide new job opportunities to people in rehabilitation programs and, moreover, part of their surplus go to the Salvation Army and its social initiatives. There are two shops in Bergen, one in Lars Hillesgate and another in Strandgaten.