Between the change of pace, the return home and the heartbreaking goodbyes, the end of Erasmus experience is not always as easy as you might think.

GOODBYE: A student on her way back to her country. PHOTO: Ella Biehler.

The exchange semester is drawing to a close for hundreds of students in Bergen. Soon, the experiences will be just memories. Then it’s possible to experience some form of «post-Erasmus depression», a non-scientific condition defined by the feeling of mundanity and sadness caused by returning from an exchange period abroad. We met a student who is expecting to experience it … Read More

If you love outdoor activities, it's tempting to flee the city and explore the fjords and mountains. Here's advice from outdoor experts on the best weekend trips around Bergen.

THE TEAM: From the left: Birk Bell (member of DNT Unge Naturtalenter), Julie Myran (member of DNT Ung) and Jørund Strømsøe (leader of the group called Høyfjell). PHOTO: Brede Tolo Haugland

Autumn and Winter with their wonderful colors and chill weather are the perfect times for experiencing the Norwegian mountains. Locals know how to take full advantage of the hiking opportunities around Bergen. And after reading this article, you will too! Weekend cabin trips around Bergen Over the weekends, you can experience Hyttekos roughly translated to having a cozy time in … Read More