Have you just arrived in Bergen for your exchange semester? Or are you looking for something new to do in the city you already call home? We have collected some of the highlights Bergen has to offer for students.

POSSEBILITIES. There are many things to do in Bergen.

Joining student life A great way to experience Norwegian student life and make new friends, both international and local, is by joining a student organization. Whether you are interested in exploring nature, want to be a student activist, or write news articles, there is a student organization for you.  Going to a bar is also a good way of meeting … Read More

Gap years between bachelor's and master's are in some countries viewed as a valuable experience. On the other hand, some countries see it as a waste of resources.

COMPASS. For Lena Debanck (left) and Sophie Schroeter a gap year in between their studies helped them take position to their future education.

– I wasn’t sure about what to do with my master, it’s an overwhelming decision!   Lena Debanck (23) is an exchange student studying European Studies at the University of Bergen (UiB). After finishing her bachelor’s degree in Art and Culture, she decided to take a gap year in order to clear her thoughts about her future. The Luxembourgian student wanted … Read More

Augusto from Brazil has to work to afford his studies abroad, while Manal from Canada relies on her savings and scholarship.

FINANCING STUDIES. International students do all have different approaches to financing education.

Few countries around the world have Norway’s «Lånekassen» system, which gives Norwegian students a part-grant, part-loan of up to 220,000 NOK. And not everywhere is education free.  Bergen hosts a diverse group of foreign students from across the globe. They all have different approaches to financing education. We spoke to six of them on how they finance their studies and … Read More

Weekend drinking is a given. But have you seen the prices? It seems to be a reflection of a culture where alcohol is a key social factor.

ALCOHOL PRICES. «What is going on with alcohol in Norway?»

It was my first Saturday night in Norway. Around 9 p.m. while walking home, down the stairs of Johanneskirken, I noticed a drunk girl lying curled up on the side of the road. While trying in vain to help her, two Norwegian guys walked by. The first one said, «leave it, it’s normal» and the second one «don’t worry, she’s … Read More