COLD AND DARK. Winter means darkness, especially in Norway. But there are still heaps of things to do with your time when you can't go outside anymore. ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: INA ROMSLO RØNNING 

Seven indoor activities for when it gets cold and dark outside.

The days are getting shorter and for many of the internationals, Scandinavian winters are something new. So what to do when there is no more light to do any outdoor activities? Following is a list with ideas on how to spend your time in the next months. Reading Is there anything more cozy than sitting in bed with a cup … Read More

FOOD AND FOOTBALL. The International Week consisted of a food-competition on Thursday, a free concert with music groups from different countries playing at Klubb Fantoft at Friday and a football tournament on Saturday.

– The intention is to bring international and Norwegian students together through sport, food and music

Some International students seem to struggle to meet new people and especially to meet Norwegians. Studvest reported this before and asked students about this issue on the occasion of the International Week. It happened for the first time this year and was organised by SSL Bergen, ISU Bergen and the Tenants Union Fantoft (TU Fantoft). – The intention is to bring … Read More

PRESSURE. There’s a lot of pressure on students and great expectations about a successful future, says Øystein Sandven, a psychologist at Sammen. ARCHIVE PHOTO: ADRIAN GRINDBAKKEN. 

— We have a good welfare system and a good economy but this does not mean that everything is good.

Since the World Happiness Record (U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions Network) was first published in 2012, Norway has consistently ranked in the top four happiest countries. A recent survey gives a different impression on the happiness of Norwegians. It says that one in five students have considered suicide and that 29 per cent have serious mental ailments. — Pressure on students — We … Read More