The best ways to soak up those rays.

As you will no doubt realise, sunny days in Bergen are rare, and certainly not to be wasted. Be sure to drop all responsibilities immediately and head into the warm bliss. But wait – you are so used to the rain you realise you don’t know how to spend these precious days. What exactly is there to do other than … Read More

While some succeed, others fail. Get the tips to help you find the aurora borealis yourself.

It’s no secret that international students arrive in Bergen with high hopes of seeing the northern lights. Fantoft’s Facebook page is often brimming with rumours that the elusive lights can be spotted in Bergen that night, and frantic questions about where everyone should head. So how do you find the lights? Many students rely on apps to tell them when their … Read More

An international student estimates to have saved 50 000 NOK during the last seven semesters, just by getting his food from supermarkets' trash.

Exchange students in Bergen are always looking for ways to save money. Some have discovered a clever, but odd way of combating the steep prices in Norway. The practice of dumpster diving, raking through shops’ trash for useful items, is becoming increasingly popular among foreign students. People go alone, or in groups, several times a week to hunt for items … Read More

Several LGBT students researched how «gay friendly» Bergen is before they chose to come here.

RAINBOW-FRIENDLY: Exchange students who are LGBT appear to find Bergen welcoming.

Homosexual, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people face different experiences across the globe. Exchange students who are LGBT appear to find Bergen welcoming. Kitty Flood, a Fine Art student from Wales, describes Bergen as laid-back, compared to her home that is «years behind». As a consequence, she was not worried when her girlfriend visited. – Back home I do not like … Read More

How a weekend in Oslo warmed me to Bergen.

When I decided to visit Oslo, like any international, I was looking forward to the famous train ride. That is until I checked the prices and realised I would not be enjoying it after all. I figured out that I could save a whole 200 NOK by flying there and getting a night train back. Before moving to Norway that amount … Read More

Both Norwegian and international students participated in the Women's March Bergen. Many expressed anger and concern, but also hope.

Women’s March Bergen took place last Saturday, with many students attending to take a stand against threats to Women’s Rights. Men, women and children also took part in the march, in support of those protesting in Washington D.C. What began as one march turned into a global protest with several million participating. The event in Bergen aimed to show solidarity … Read More