I thought only Mexicans were crazy about tacos, but in Norway I found people just as enthusiastic. Maybe not my idea of tacos, but tacos either way…

TACO CULTURE. Tacos were voted Norway’s fourth national dish in a 2014 survey. Illustration: Anna Jakobsen

After settling in my shared Sammen apartment I did what every human must: get food. In the company of my flatmate Thomas I made my way to Rema 1000. Aside from the shock of the prices of beer, I was set aback by the taco aisle.  After walking past the different salmon-based products, I encountered two full shelves of tortillas, … Read More

Juan Arturo Álvarez’s time as a student in Bergen has made him wonder about the differences between studying in a developed country and a developing one.

THE FUTURE. Even though Arturo seems sceptical about the future of Mexico, he still finds hope.

It is not very common to find Mexican students in Norway, let alone Bergen. However, Juan Arturo Álvarezs, a physics student from Mexico City, chose to come because he has family here.  – I met them when I was younger, and I was fascinated by Norway because I love nature.  Also, he thinks it’s a privilege to do research in … Read More