Gender wage disparity need increased attention in Norway.

ILLUSTRATION: Lukas Hauge Klemsdal

It shouldn’t be necessary for me to write this opinion piece in 2023 – but here I am. International women’s day is about celebrating women’s achievements in society. But it is equally important that we elucidate certain issues that take away from said contributions on this day.  In Norway we have come a long way in terms of gender equality … Read More

Volodomyr Ilkiv receives funds from the Norwegian government through a support scheme. The government has not decided whether it will be prolonged.

CONCERNED: Volodomyr Ilkiv (23) is concerned that a discontinuation of the support scheme could affect Ukrainian students negatively.

Today marks one year since Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine. The ensuing chaos forced many to flee their homes. Some sought refuge in Norway. In March of 2022 the Norwegian government created a support scheme for the students who were affected by the war for the spring semester. The scheme was then prolonged to July 31st, 2023. The … Read More

How do you survive the exam season? Studvest has talked to international students in Bergen.

BREAK. This interview with Studvest is a long overdue break from his exam, Jack Crouch says.

Exam season is upon us and with it comes the exam jitters.   Here is what a couple of international students had to say when asked how their exam season has been so far.  Avoiding a burnout Jack Crouch (22) from the UK, is a first-year student in a master’s program in Physical geography at UiB. Since Crouch has kept it … Read More

In the proposed national budget from the Norwegian government, a fee for international students have been proposed. This creates an uncertain future for Alisher Khodjaev and Udval Sukhbaatar.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. Both Alisher Khodjaev and Udval Sukhbaatar are doing their masters degree in Norway.

The announcement of the proposal to introduce tuition fees for international students outside of the EU/EEA and Switzerland in the 2023 state budget came as a shock to many students.  Not only is higher education free for Norwegian citizens, but this accessibility is also currently extended to students from other parts of the world, both within and outside Europe.  The … Read More