This year's master student exhibition was stopped by the coronavirus outbreak three weeks before the vernissage. Now, the art students can show off their works.

ARCHIVE PHOTO: Anna Jakobsen

Each year between April and May graduate students from the KMD (Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design) present the art projects that they have been working on for two years. This year’s exhibition was supposed to be held between the 3rd of April until the 3rd of May 2020 at Bergen Kunsthall, but it was postponed due to the coronavirus … Read More

KOMMENTAR: Det har vært utfordrende å skrive bacheloroppgave under koronakrisen.


Da dette semesteret startet var jeg full av ideer og ikke klar over at det kort tid etter skulle bli nesten umulig å dele dem i min bacheloroppgave i teatervitenskap. I februar og mars tok jeg et fag i tillegg til dannelsesemner som UiB tilbyr. Dette faget skulle vært forskningstemaet i oppgaven min. Jeg skulle endelig begynne med oppgaven i … Read More

Have you not thought about rain in Bergen in the last week? Tired of wet clothes and clouds? Are you dreaming of some sun? Or are just tired because of the coronavirus? Find out what kind of «rainy» person are you in our first quiz!

RAIN. Bergen is the wettest and the rainiest city in Europe.

Facts about weather in Bergen

1. What is your favorite season? A: Summer. B: Spring. C: Autumn. D: Winter. 2. What kind of weather do you prefer? A: Sunny. B: Cloudy. C: Rainy. D: Extreme weather. 3. How do you feel about rain? A: Depressing. B: Tiring.  C: Neutral. D: Fantastic! 4. How well are you prepared for extreme weather? A: I only have an umbrella. B: Good enough.  C: Very well (Many umbrellas, coats, boots etc.) … Read More

LUKE 20: Horoskop og stjernetegn er litt urealistisk for noen. For Jakub har det sin nytteverdi.

FOTO: Julie Helene Günther


Da jeg var liten husker jeg at det var mange som var opptatt av å lese horoskopene sine i aviser. Det var den gang ikke noe for meg, siden jeg bare var et barn, men jeg var uansett interessert i å lese. Det virket som at interessen for denne «daglige aktiviteten» gjennom tiden har sunket og færre personer har blitt … Read More

Students have to pay between 60 percent and a 100 percent more for their apartments after renovations at Fantoft.

BEFORE. Fantoft was considered as one of the cheapest places to rent for students in Bergen.

Since 2017 Sammen has been renovating old blocks at the student dorms at Fantoft. Before they were old 60/70s styled apartments that got complaints about living standards from the residents. The renovations started early 2018 with D/C block, which opened the summer of 2018. A/B block opened this June after a year of renovation. These new renovations comes at a … Read More

The newly renovated Fantoft training center is now open. The new hall includes more space, new equipment and an e-sport room.

OFFICIAL OPENING. The Fantoft training center was opened after a 6 months renovation.

OFFICIAL OPENING. The Fantoft training center is now open after six months renovation.

Last semester Sammen could reveal that the training center at Fantoft was being rebuilt to accommodate the increase of customers at the center. Friday 6th of September, Trene Sammen opened the newly-renovated Fantoft training center to the public. The opening started with the official ribbon cutting and cake. Afterwards, the whole center opened for visitors. The new center is enlarged … Read More

Graduate students from the Fine Art Master Program will be presenting their art works in Bergen Kunsthall all through April.

FIVE THEMES. The Kunsthall´s area is devoted into five different rooms with various themes during the exhibition.

Names of the spaces

The master exhibition, «with eyes closed, call me», started of this Friday in Bergen´s Kunsthall. Here 24 Fine Art students from different countries will be presenting their art works from 12th of April to the 6th of May. The installations reveal the artist´s visions in the five different spaces with different themes such as «Abstractions in Material Forms» and «Memories, … Read More

Have you wondered where to ski near Bergen? There are many options only a bus ride away.

KVAMSKOGEN. The Kvam Forest located only an hour from Bergen is the most popular place for skiing of Bergensers

We are now in the middle of the winter and it’s finally getting lighter outside. For some norwegians, this time of year means dusting of your skis and heading up to the mountaintops.  Even though you might not believe it, because of the small amount of snow in Bergen, the best season for skiing is in January and February. It is … Read More

The student housing at Fantoft never sleeps, literally!

STUDENT DISTRICT. Over 1500 students from all over the world live at Fantoft this semester. ARCHIVE PHOTO: TORIL SUNDE APELTHUN

The new building Fantoft TRE was ready for students last year. But Sammen got a lot of complaints about noise. Especially about the parties in the common kitchens in the block. The problem seems to be recurring. On the night of October 31st noises have annoyed several residents. They have expressed their dissatisfaction on the Fantoft resident´s group on Facebook. “this … Read More

Norway is the 4th most expensive country in the world.

APPS. Using discount applications on your phone is one way to save money.


According to the Cost of Living Index 2018 Mid-Year, four student towns in Norway, such as Stavanger (9th), Oslo (10th), Bergen (11th) and Trondheim (13th), are in the top 20 of the most expensive cities to live in the world. That means that the cost of living in these cities is the same like in New York City (12th) or … Read More