Fancy spending your semester sleeping in a bunk bed with a complete stranger? Many internationals will do so when the new Fantoft building opens.

It’s no secret: the SiB website and the constant construction at Fantoft foreshadow the introduction of a new building opposite blocks E-F-G. And the new building, called Fantoft TRE, will be needed: SiB only have appartements for approximately 15 per cent of the students in Bergen. In order to increase that number as much as possible, the rooms in Fantoft TRE will … Read More

From chilled out chit-chat to hardcore hiking, the options of an international in Bergen's student organizations' scene are limitless. Or are they?

– Try everything for the first week, see what you like, get off the beaten track. This is how Natalie Unger, President of Erasmus Student Network Bergen (ESN), sees the student organizations’ experience in Bergen. She knows better than most: she’s been on Erasmus here before, and is now in Bergen on a permanent basis for her second bachelor. And what do … Read More

Last year, several tenants of Fantoft complained about bed bugs in their rooms. This year is no better.

– At first I thought it was my allergies, but then I researched a bit and my friends’ warnings were confirmed: bedbug bites. This happened to Italian exchange student Viola Grilli a month ago. She contacted her landlord, SiB, on a Friday, and was told they would tackle the issue on Monday. – I had to spend the weekend at … Read More

What is it about any brand other than FirstPrice that requires your left kidney and a virgin’s sacrifice to enjoy their products?

Norway must be the first country I encounter in which an app that weekly updates the supermarkets’ product offers (Mattilbud) is a survival tool. No, for real, your climbing boots might ensure a fun weekend, but it will all be for nothing if you don’t know your supermarket drills. My first supermarket trip in Bergen was a separate experience unto itself. Up until learning … Read More

A tricky night for the internationals spent under the stars in sleeping bags on a beach an hour outside Bergen.

«Come to help us build and sleep in a big tent and have a feast by the bonfire», wrote the BSI in the invitation to their Strandcamping event. In a country filled with dramatic mountains and bipolar weather conditions, sometimes a beach trip is just what you need. However, little does the medium reader’s mental image of sandy shores in … Read More

A traditional Norwegian cabin buried deep in Hallingskeid's snowy desert proves to be an adventure for the international students.

It’s midday, and the train has just stopped at the wooden Hallingskeid station. Vast whiteness meets the eyes of the international students as we all get off the train. – Who would pack sunglasses for minus degrees? wonders a German student with no skiing precedent. Her eyes are a tight crack as she opens the first door to go outside, … Read More