A guide for international students.

JUST SAY YES. When someone is talking to you, just say yes. It might be "go home, foreigner", but it's probably just related to the weather. ILLUSTRATION: TORA KYLLINGSTAD


How different is Norway from your home country? If your answer is “a lot!”, it means that you’ve probably committed social faux-pas that gave you away as an international student. If you want to blend more into the Norwegian society, you have come across the perfect article. Here are a few tips that I, your well-concerned journalist and formerly lost-and-disoriented-international … Read More

Norwegian students rarely meet international students, according to a student survey.

BARRIER. Sondre Mandelid Kleppe thinks that Norwegian language is a barrier that keeps international students from the student society. FOTO: NICKLAS CHRISTIANSEN


Bergen is both an international and a student city. According to Sondre Mandelid Kleppe, a Norwegian student in Bergen, who met international students in class and in group works, Bergen could welcome its international students in a better way. – International students are interesting. They bring diversity and different perspectives in the lectures and it’s a good thing. Don’t mingle … Read More