BREWERY. We visited the local brewery and the walls were as green as the cans.

Why is the beer in the green can so popular? An international students perspective on the Bergen beer culture.

If any single thing could be labelled the essence of the Bergen student experience, the drinkers among us would surely give that accolade to a can of Hansa beer. From a packed and noisy pre-party to a quiet evening in Kvarteret, Hansa is often the beverage of choice. To an innocent international student, it can be somewhat confusing. Why are … Read More

MACHINE. Construction Machinery is a common sight at Fantoft.

Major reconstruction work at Fantoft student housing is causing noise problems for residents.

Waking up is never easy. The noise of the alarm clock or that overplayed wake-up tune, it is part of the day to day routine. Unfortunately, for some of the students here in Bergen, a different kind of melody is their wake-up call. Major renovation works have been occurring at Fantoft Studentboliger for some time. These renovations have been a … Read More