The 17th of May is Norwegian national day, but what does that actually entail?

A DAY TO... REMEMBER? Norwegians usually start the day with a Champagne breakfast, often leading to a blurry night and a dreadful hangover.

WTF is... WTF is?

As a foreigner in Norway, I started to hear snippets of stories about this mysterious event called the «17. mai». With further investigation, you learn that the «17. mai» is in fact the Norwegian national day, celebrated on the 17th of May each year. The day celebrates the signing of the original Norwegian independent constitution in 1814, which was a … Read More

OPINION: Covid-19 brought my exchange year to a grinding halt. Meanwhile, other people have real life and death problems. Are my complaints even valid?

Around 36 hours before St. Patrick’s Day, all pubs and bars in Ireland were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can probably imagine the carnage. Carnage even beyond the deep, internal dread of an Irish person faced with a pintless Paddy’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day is our national holiday, on par with the 17th.of May in terms of cultural … Read More

The leader of an outdoor organisation and a researcher give their advice on how to lead an active life during the winter.

This article was written before the outbreak of the coronavirus. Now, there are several guidelines implemented by the Norwegian government that we have to follow in order to prevent spreading the virus. We have, however, been advised to go out of the house – taking walks in remote areas, or going hiking, as long as we keep our distance from … Read More

Many students in Bergen vote from a city that is not their own - but how do they vote?

– It is unfair that we had to choose between rent for a month and taking part in our democracy. Mary O’Connor is an exchange student from Ireland who lives in Bergen. She reacted with frustration as the Irish election was announced only twenty-five days before it was to be held. Over the last number of months, students of many … Read More

LUKE 4: Ruairi came to Norway and fell in love with brunost, but there is one thing he hates - matpapir.

FOTO: Beate Felde


I love brunost. I love the colour, the interesting sweet taste and its ubiquity in such a small corner of the world. I don’t differentiate between Gudbrandsdalost and Fløtemysostor any of those other unknown geitost brands. To me, it’s all just damn good cheese. I love it on my morning toast or on waffles, combined with a generous helping of … Read More

Trenger du inspirasjon i siste liten? Din søken er over!

Vi har alle vært der. Det er 31. oktober, og du skal på vors om få timer. Dessverre forblir lommeboken like tom og fantasien like fraværende som alltid. Frykt imidlertid ikke! Studvest kan nemlig presentere seks feiende flotte halloween-kostymer som koster så å si absolutt ingenting! 1: «When life gives you lemons…» Er du like glad i ordtak som det … Read More

It’s Halloween again and it can only mean one thing: The annual costume anxiety.

If the student budget can’t stretch to a new, snazzy (or dubiously sexy) costume, do not stress. Studvest has the answer – six costumes you can make in minutes using the few things you have lying around at home. Read: How to Overcome Obstacles. «When Life Gives You Lemons» This cliché expression is a great inspiration for a very simple … Read More

Why is the beer in the green can so popular? An international students perspective on the Bergen beer culture.

BREWERY. We visited the local brewery and the walls were as green as the cans.

If any single thing could be labelled the essence of the Bergen student experience, the drinkers among us would surely give that accolade to a can of Hansa beer. From a packed and noisy pre-party to a quiet evening in Kvarteret, Hansa is often the beverage of choice. To an innocent international student, it can be somewhat confusing. Why are … Read More

Major reconstruction work at Fantoft student housing is causing noise problems for residents.

MACHINE. Construction Machinery is a common sight at Fantoft.

Waking up is never easy. The noise of the alarm clock or that overplayed wake-up tune, it is part of the day to day routine. Unfortunately, for some of the students here in Bergen, a different kind of melody is their wake-up call. Major renovation works have been occurring at Fantoft Studentboliger for some time. These renovations have been a … Read More