Inviting a German to vorspiel could get you some strange looks, but not because we don't want to pregame.

DUAL MEANING? Only a few know the word actually has a completely different meaning and connotation in Germany, Anna Siemer writes: PHOTO: Truls Skram Lerø

Studvests aproposkalender – Luke 2 Apropos er den frie spalten der Studvest-journalistene kan skrive om akkurat det de vil. Språket er ofte i muntlig form, og med et glimt i øyet. OBS! Spalten har høy forekomst av satire, sarkasme og ironi, og bør tas med en klype (noen ganger en neve) salt. When Norwegians go out, most of the drinking happens before … Read More

Your international friends already went up every mountain, but you don’t even know where to start? Going hiking for the first time can be intimidating. Here are a few tips on getting started.

WALKING. The trails to the mountains in Bergen are well marked, like the Stolzekleiven steps that lead to Sandviksfjellet. PHOTO: Truls Skram Lerø

Hiking is the best way to get to know the Norwegian nature. It’s healthy and budget friendly – apart from your first pair of hiking boots. However, you don’t need the most expensive gear for your small beginner hikes.  What is necessary? If you start hiking and aren’t sure how often you will actually do it, it’s natural that you … Read More

Learning the language of the country you are visiting is the best step to feel less foreign. But be prepared that there is not one Norwegian language. Here is the reason.

WHY? «Kvifor» and «hvorfor» are both Norwegian words, meaning «why».

WTF is... WTF is?

There are two Norwegian languages and we only teach one of them, my language learning app tells me, of course only after I already subscribed for their courses. The first backlash in my motivation to learn Norwegian came fast: Do I have to learn two languages now? I read a bit further and realise that Bokmål, which my app is … Read More