UiB utvider åpningstidene på MatNat-biblioteket og vil på sikt forlenge åpningstidene flere steder. Studentene Marcus og Dusan vil ha det døgnåpent.

MERÅPENT. Studenten Dusan Nikolic (19) er en av studentene som har benyttet seg av det kveldsåpne biblioteket.

Biblioteket til Det matematisk-naturvitenskapelige fakultet (MatNat) har utvidet åpningstidene og blitt et «meråpent» bibliotek. Mellom klokken 15:45-22:00 i ukedagene, samt 08:00-20:00 lørdag og søndag, er biblioteket nå åpent uten betjening. Studvest møter Dusan Nikolic (19) ved inngangen til biblioteket på kveldstid. Han går første året på bachelor i matematikk, informatikk og økonomi, og har allerede tilbrakt flere sene kvelder på … Read More

Ad fontes has seen an increase in both international volunteers and guests this semester. They hope to replicate this after the summer.

VISION. Ad fontes' leader, Ole Samdal, and their new manager, Victoria Betis, hope to keep seeing more international students around.

Ad fontes is a student bar located at UiB’s Faculty of Humanities. Earlier this semester Studvest wrote about their difficulties in keeping their normal opening hours. As reported, the group of new volunteers that helped keep the bar open was mostly made up of international students, a strategy they want to continue in the following semester.  — There’s always been … Read More

Everywhere you go in this city there is rain and there is a quiz. With this guide, we try to make it easier for you to decide where to go.

KRONBAR. We failed the quizzmaster's rule of thumb for a perfect team. We were all the same gender, age group and with very similar interests. We didn't do as well as in the other quizzes, where we happened to have more diverse teams as well.

Quizzes are unavoidable in Bergen. Studvest tried some of the quizzes Bergen’s student bars have to offer. Monday throughout Thursday we went by four quizzes packed with quiz-hungry students. Stop one: Cafe Opera As there were no student quizzes to be had on Monday, we decided to start of our journey with Cafe Opera  to be quizzed by the famous … Read More

The training center will adapt to the increase of visitors and students by increasing in size. New machines and bigger training areas can be expected, along with new additions like a lobby and golf simulators.

BIGGER AND BETTER. The expansion of the existing training center at Fantoft started earlier in January and is planned to be completed in time for the next semester.

Last year, Studvest wrote about students having a difficult time training in crowded Sammen training centers. Bård Johansen, director of Trening Sammen, could tell us then that there was no doubt a record number of people training at their centers – 80% of which are students. The training center at Fantoft is now being rebuilt to accommodate the increase of … Read More

Assistant professors hosted a Norwegian evening for international graduate students and employees.

AD FONTES. Students and employees are all gathered at the student bar Ad Fontes for an evening of Norwegian fun; including food and dance. FOTO: PATRICIA VALECILLOS MARCANO

– We are very happy about the turn-out. We thought it was important to organize a social event for those students that usually do not have them. Before we’ve had smaller events like film nights, so this is very exciting, said assistant professor Pernille Myrvold. Most international graduate students attend Norwegian language courses at the Humanities Faculty of the University … Read More

Sammen har brukt over 10 000 kroner på å fjerne graffiti i august.


― Jeg har aldri bodd i en studentbolig der tagging skjer så ofte, sier utvekslingsstudent James Moir fra England. Han forteller om et tilfelle for et par uker siden hvor han ble skuffet etter å ha funnet ny graffiti i den rene heisen han hadde brukt 10 minutter tidligere. Sammens salgs- og markedssjef, Bente Holmevik, forteller at det har vært … Read More

Sammen had to spend 10 455 kroner to clean up graffiti in August.

ANNOYING. ― It doesn't look good, especially on the new buildings, says exchange student Jonas Nielsen From Denmark. PHOTO: SAMMEN

― I’ve never lived in student housing where tagging happened so often, says James Moir from England. He tells us about one incident a couple of weeks ago where he was disappointed to find new graffiti on the clean elevator he had used just 10 minutes earlier that night. Sammen’s sales and market director, Bente Holmevik, tells us there have … Read More