For many exchange students who are strangers to Norwegian culture, language and employment policy, it can be a demanding task to get a job in Bergen.

LUCKY. Titouan feels lucky to have managed to get a job in Bergen.

Lokøen's advice

Compared to its neighbors, Norway is an expensive country. The high quality of life is probably one of the reasons which made you study in Bergen. Some students can fully enjoy their experience abroad thanks to a good grant, some savings, and help from mum and dad. But for many others, it is necessary to find a part-time job in … Read More

Curl up with a warm drink and one of these books to make the dark days cozier.

BOOKS. Fall is here and winter is just around the corner.

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner. As the days are getting colder, darker and rainier, it’s the perfect time to be «hyggelig» inside. In the mood to explore more of Norway while staying warm? Grab a cup of tea or hot chocolate and curl up with one (or all!) of these fantastic reads by Norwegian authors.  … Read More

Giant, hunch-backed, half-blind, scary and cute all at the same time... Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about your grandfather, but about this creature that can be found everywhere in Bergen: the troll.

EVERYWHERE. The little dark eyes of trolls are following your steps everywhere in Bergen.

We all know what a troll is. I thought I knew them too. Not that I hung out with them regularly. But, like everyone else, I felt terrified while watching the trolls of «The Lord of the Rings» trying to eat Hobbit soup, or charmed when Queen Elsa got helped by an army of cute trolls in «Frozen». Yeah, I … Read More

Bergen and its surrounding area have so much to offer that deciding how to spend your free time can become a little overwhelming.

HIKE. Most «Bergensere» agree that the official seven mountains are Ulriken, Fløyen, Løvstakken, Rundemanen, Sandviksfjellet, Damsgårdsfjellet and Lyderhorn.

If you are an exchange student and only have one semester to explore Vestlandet, then this may sound familiar to you: so much to see and so much to do, but so little time. Where do you even start? Do not worry. We have compiled a list for you with some of the highlights in and around Bergen, from the … Read More

The rooftop terrace and balconies at Fantoft TRE were closed due to excessive noise complaints, but students question whether it is quieter now.

CLOSED. The roof terrace at Fantoft was closed following excessive noise complaints.

Student housing is known for being loud, and Fantoft, home to many exchange students and families, is no exception. Marita Monsen, head of communications at Sammen, writes in an email to Studvest that there has been an increase in noise complaints this semester in comparison to previous years. After sending a first warning email on September 2., Sammen closed the … Read More

Surely, I had been on holiday in the Alps, and I'd climbed a volcano in Costa Rica. But living in the mountains – spending every day surrounded by them – is different.

ULRIKEN: The view from my window is great, but the view when you are actually on one of the mountains is simply unbeatable.

You probably know what mountains are. Don’t worry, I do too. But coming from The Netherlands– also called the “low countries,” flat as a pancake, and one third below sea level – I never reallyknew what mountains were until I arrived in Norway. Surely, I had been on holiday in the Alps,and I’d climbed a volcano in Costa Rica. But … Read More

«Raske briller», the Norwegian tinted sporty shades that make everyone who wears them seem like a professional athlete.

SHADES. The tinted sunglasses are suitable both while skiing in Norway and for wild parties. Illustration: Anna Jakobsen

WTF is…? is a column where Studvest’s English section points out different interesting or strange aspects about living in Norway from an International’s perspective. The column can be both serious and light hearted, and is based on the journalist’s own experience. As soon as you leave your own four walls on a sunny day in Norway, it’s almost impossible not … Read More

CORRESPONDENT: As a Dane in Norway, I still have limited knowledge of the biggest celebration day in Norway and of Denmark’s influence on the Norwegian national identity.

HISTORY. Danes learn suprisingly little about their countries historic influence on Norway.

My Norwegian roomie came home one day and invited me to the celebration of the 17th of May. As a Danish exchange student always looking for new experiences, I immediately said yes. Additionally, I asked: «What are you actually celebrating on the 17th of May?» The answer came promptly from my Norwegian roomie: «The liberation from you!» That conversation opened Pandora’s … Read More

After spending one month of fasting days, Muslim students are looking forward to the warm and lively Eid celebration. However, exchange students do not have many expectations in Norway.

PREPARED. Rizky Mulyana (33) is mentally prepared to celebrate eid away from Indonesia. PHOTO: Natálie Nováková


Many exchange Muslim students in Norway are facing a challenge being far away from their homes, including Rizky Mulyana (33) and Saba Munir (27). – Eid is associated with being social, Eid is time for gathering with family and friends. Honestly, I am very sad to be far from them, but I choose not to show it, says Saba Munir. … Read More

CORRESPONDENT: Since the outbreak of COVID 19, my mental health has seen a major decline. But I’ve never felt so hopeful and better about it.

DIRTY. The feeling of being unclean did not dissapear, no matter how much I tried. Illustrastion: Thale Mathiassen

The voice in my head screamed as I scrubbed my body with soap and scalding hot water. I had just gotten home, and I felt like everything outside was dirty: I had to get clean. I stood in the shower, naked. All my clothes were already in the laundry basket, waiting to be washed. I took a burning hot shower, … Read More