While some succeed, others fail. Get the tips to help you find the aurora borealis yourself.

It’s no secret that international students arrive in Bergen with high hopes of seeing the northern lights. Fantoft’s Facebook page is often brimming with rumours that the elusive lights can be spotted in Bergen that night, and frantic questions about where everyone should head. So how do you find the lights? Many students rely on apps to tell them when their … Read More

From chilled out chit-chat to hardcore hiking, the options of an international in Bergen's student organizations' scene are limitless. Or are they?

– Try everything for the first week, see what you like, get off the beaten track. This is how Natalie Unger, President of Erasmus Student Network Bergen (ESN), sees the student organizations’ experience in Bergen. She knows better than most: she’s been on Erasmus here before, and is now in Bergen on a permanent basis for her second bachelor. And what do … Read More

How a weekend in Oslo warmed me to Bergen.

When I decided to visit Oslo, like any international, I was looking forward to the famous train ride. That is until I checked the prices and realised I would not be enjoying it after all. I figured out that I could save a whole 200 NOK by flying there and getting a night train back. Before moving to Norway that amount … Read More

Several LGBT students researched how «gay friendly» Bergen is before they chose to come here.

RAINBOW-FRIENDLY: Exchange students who are LGBT appear to find Bergen welcoming.

Homosexual, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people face different experiences across the globe. Exchange students who are LGBT appear to find Bergen welcoming. Kitty Flood, a Fine Art student from Wales, describes Bergen as laid-back, compared to her home that is «years behind». As a consequence, she was not worried when her girlfriend visited. – Back home I do not like … Read More

Last year, several tenants of Fantoft complained about bed bugs in their rooms. This year is no better.

– At first I thought it was my allergies, but then I researched a bit and my friends’ warnings were confirmed: bedbug bites. This happened to Italian exchange student Viola Grilli a month ago. She contacted her landlord, SiB, on a Friday, and was told they would tackle the issue on Monday. – I had to spend the weekend at … Read More

Both Norwegian and international students participated in the Women's March Bergen. Many expressed anger and concern, but also hope.

Women’s March Bergen took place last Saturday, with many students attending to take a stand against threats to Women’s Rights. Men, women and children also took part in the march, in support of those protesting in Washington D.C. What began as one march turned into a global protest with several million participating. The event in Bergen aimed to show solidarity … Read More

Six indoor activities that will make you forget about the bad weather.

Bergen is known as one of the world’s most rainy cities and after indulging in an unusually long period of sunshine, it is common knowledge that the we must pay for it. But instead of being annoyed about the rain, distract yourself from the weather by spending time at one of the following indoor activities in Bergen: Bergen filmklubb Become … Read More

International students had four minutes to befriend both each other and locals at the International Days.

Tables set up the «date way», with one chair on each side, are placed all around in one of the rooms at Det Akademiske Kvarter, the student house in Bergen. After four minutes of talking, the students sitting in them switch seats to meet someone else. They are participating at a speed-friending-event, coordinated by Erasmus Student Networks, the Student parliament at the University of … Read More

419 international exchange students have now arrived in Bergen, ready for their semester or year abroad. We have talked to some of them about their first impressions of Bergen.

It’s only the first week of January, but the international students are already coming in great numbers to the University in Bergen (UiB). This semester, 419 students from 42 different countries have been admitted to the university. This is the highest amount of international students admitted in any spring semester ever. – The spring semester increase is especially positive because of … Read More

What is it about any brand other than FirstPrice that requires your left kidney and a virgin’s sacrifice to enjoy their products?

Norway must be the first country I encounter in which an app that weekly updates the supermarkets’ product offers (Mattilbud) is a survival tool. No, for real, your climbing boots might ensure a fun weekend, but it will all be for nothing if you don’t know your supermarket drills. My first supermarket trip in Bergen was a separate experience unto itself. Up until learning … Read More