For international students, a job may be necessary. Finding one can be hard.

JOB? Muhammad Ali moved to Bergen from Pakistan to do his masters degree at UiB.

24-year-old Muhammad Ali moved to Bergen from Pakistan in August this year to study a master’s degree in System Dynamics at the University of Bergen (UiB). He has a background in software development and hoped to find a job in his field in Norway. – When I moved to Bergen, I applied for 30-40 jobs in my field but was … Read More

So you will not regret anything when you come back home. Or, maybe a little bit …

PHOTO: Truls Skram Lerø

Studvests aproposkalender – Luke 4Apropos er den frie spalten der Studvest-journalistene kan skrive om akkurat det de vil. Språket er ofte i muntlig form, og med et glimt i øyet. OBS! Spalten har høy forekomst av satire, sarkasme og ironi, og bør tas med en klype (noen ganger en neve) salt. Have you already realized that your exchange semester in Norway … Read More

If you’re currently in a Norwegian course, consider yourself lucky. Nada, Enora and Lluïsa have all had difficulties getting into a Norwegian course at the University of Bergen (UiB).

NO LUCK. Enora Koziol (20) did not get a place at a Norwegian course at UiB.

Close to 2000 international students study at the University of Bergen (UiB). Approximately 380 of them were admitted to a Norwegian course this fall. The total number of students who applied for a course via Studentweb is unknown to UiB.  The university offers seven different Norwegian courses on four levels, for free. International employees and their partners, international students, and … Read More

In the proposed national budget from the Norwegian government, a fee for international students have been proposed. This creates an uncertain future for Alisher Khodjaev and Udval Sukhbaatar.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. Both Alisher Khodjaev and Udval Sukhbaatar are doing their masters degree in Norway.

The announcement of the proposal to introduce tuition fees for international students outside of the EU/EEA and Switzerland in the 2023 state budget came as a shock to many students.  Not only is higher education free for Norwegian citizens, but this accessibility is also currently extended to students from other parts of the world, both within and outside Europe.  The … Read More

Your international friends already went up every mountain, but you don’t even know where to start? Going hiking for the first time can be intimidating. Here are a few tips on getting started.

WALKING. The trails to the mountains in Bergen are well marked, like the Stolzekleiven steps that lead to Sandviksfjellet. PHOTO: Truls Skram Lerø

Hiking is the best way to get to know the Norwegian nature. It’s healthy and budget friendly – apart from your first pair of hiking boots. However, you don’t need the most expensive gear for your small beginner hikes.  What is necessary? If you start hiking and aren’t sure how often you will actually do it, it’s natural that you … Read More

Have you just arrived in Bergen for your exchange semester? Or are you looking for something new to do in the city you already call home? We have collected some of the highlights Bergen has to offer for students.

POSSEBILITIES. There are many things to do in Bergen.

Joining student life A great way to experience Norwegian student life and make new friends, both international and local, is by joining a student organization. Whether you are interested in exploring nature, want to be a student activist, or write news articles, there is a student organization for you.  Going to a bar is also a good way of meeting … Read More

Gap years between bachelor's and master's are in some countries viewed as a valuable experience. On the other hand, some countries see it as a waste of resources.

COMPASS. For Lena Debanck (left) and Sophie Schroeter a gap year in between their studies helped them take position to their future education.

– I wasn’t sure about what to do with my master, it’s an overwhelming decision!   Lena Debanck (23) is an exchange student studying European Studies at the University of Bergen (UiB). After finishing her bachelor’s degree in Art and Culture, she decided to take a gap year in order to clear her thoughts about her future. The Luxembourgian student wanted … Read More

I thought only Mexicans were crazy about tacos, but in Norway I found people just as enthusiastic. Maybe not my idea of tacos, but tacos either way…

TACO CULTURE. Tacos were voted Norway’s fourth national dish in a 2014 survey. Illustration: Anna Jakobsen

After settling in my shared Sammen apartment I did what every human must: get food. In the company of my flatmate Thomas I made my way to Rema 1000. Aside from the shock of the prices of beer, I was set aback by the taco aisle.  After walking past the different salmon-based products, I encountered two full shelves of tortillas, … Read More

Many Norwegians spend their Easter holidays reading or watching crime stories, so-called «påskekrim» (English: Easter crime). Can you solve the murder in this «påskekrim» about a group of students at Fantoft?

DEADLY. Can you figure out who the murderer is?

“Did you know that penguins are native to Norway?” Manual says as he follows Chris inside. The smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the entire bachelor apartment. “What do you mean ‘native to’?” Diana asks, stepping back and closing the door behind her friends. Heidi arrived a little earlier and waves from her spot on the bed. Chris takes off … Read More

Augusto from Brazil has to work to afford his studies abroad, while Manal from Canada relies on her savings and scholarship.

FINANCING STUDIES. International students do all have different approaches to financing education.

Few countries around the world have Norway’s «Lånekassen» system, which gives Norwegian students a part-grant, part-loan of up to 220,000 NOK. And not everywhere is education free.  Bergen hosts a diverse group of foreign students from across the globe. They all have different approaches to financing education. We spoke to six of them on how they finance their studies and … Read More