RAIN. Bergen is the wettest and the rainiest city in Europe.

Have you not thought about rain in Bergen in the last week? Tired of wet clothes and clouds? Are you dreaming of some sun? Or are just tired because of the coronavirus? Find out what kind of «rainy» person are you in our first quiz!

Facts about weather in Bergen

1. What is your favorite season? A: Summer. B: Spring. C: Autumn. D: Winter. 2. What kind of weather do you prefer? A: Sunny. B: Cloudy. C: Rainy. D: Extreme weather. 3. How do you feel about rain? A: Depressing. B: Tiring.  C: Neutral. D: Fantastic! 4. How well are you prepared for extreme weather? A: I only have an umbrella. B: Good enough.  C: Very well (Many umbrellas, coats, boots etc.) … Read More

ISOLATION. It is disobedience to strict measures that makes it necessary to strengthen them.

CORRESPONDENT: Let us stand together in these difficult times.


Since the evening of Saturday, March 14, nurseries, schools, colleges, high schools and universities are almost all closed, probably for a month and a half, until the end of the April-May vacation. Due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, decided to protect the youngest and their teachers as soon as possible. A … Read More

The leader of an outdoor organisation and a researcher give their advice on how to lead an active life during the winter.


This article was written before the outbreak of the coronavirus. Now, there are several guidelines implemented by the Norwegian government that we have to follow in order to prevent spreading the virus. We have, however, been advised to go out of the house – taking walks in remote areas, or going hiking, as long as we keep our distance from … Read More

Photo: Nina Berger

CORRESPONDENT: My journal as an Italian student in the times of the coronavirus.


When the Italian government announced on February 23th the closure of universities and schools for a week in areas where coronavirus was most spread, a sigh of relief rose from Bologna, the city where my university is located. Freedom! Nothing more to do than go for an aperitivo with friends. When the suspension was prolonged week by week, the sighs … Read More

Photo: Beate Felde

On Tuesday afternoon it was confirmed that the first student in Bergen has tested positive to the corona virus. Studvest gives you a rundown of all the events that happened so far.


The person in question is an international student at the University of Bergen (UiB) who lives at Fantoft. Sammen’s head of communications, Marita Monsen, told Studvest that the organisation can confirm that the student is not seriously ill and that he is sitting in isolation in his flat. What will happen regarding the lectures? So far the various institutions in … Read More

Photo: Andrea Olsen

The student is being kept in isolation.


This article will be updated. It is confirmed that a student living at Fantoft Student Housing has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, BT reports. Head of communications in Sammen, Marita Monsen, confirms the information. – An international student at Fantoft has been infected with the virus, according to The Office of Infection Control. They contacted Sammen Monday evening, Monsen says. … Read More

A quick guide to Norwegian politeness: Three steps to get off the bus without human contact.

WTF is... WTF is?

To me, even after living amongst Norwegians for half a year, one of the most puzzling things about them is still their way of social interaction. Depending on the situation Norwegians can either be the politest people of all time, or the most antisocial human beings ever. It might be the climate, or the fact that there are just over … Read More

TRAVEL POLICY. Håvard Harstatt introducing CET's travel policy.

Students, scientists and the general public were invited to attend lectures, workshops and panel debates concerning sustainability.


One aspect that was discussed throughout the day was what changes could be made in order to make universities eco-friendlier. The event «Day Zero» was being held on the 5th of February 2020 at Kvarteret and the Student Centre. Including students in the discussion – ­We are here today to try and enlighten students about what the University of Bergen … Read More

Many students in Bergen vote from a city that is not their own - but how do they vote?


– It is unfair that we had to choose between rent for a month and taking part in our democracy. Mary O’Connor is an exchange student from Ireland who lives in Bergen. She reacted with frustration as the Irish election was announced only twenty-five days before it was to be held. Over the last number of months, students of many … Read More

Want to explore the field of journalism? Norway's second largest student newspaper is looking for journalists and photographers.


We are looking for journalists and photographers for our English section! This section is mostly consisting of exchange students, with articles covering everything that is relevant for you to know while on your exchange in Bergen. If you are more interested in photo journalism or illustrating, we also have a photo section that is open for international student as well … Read More