A quick guide to Norwegian politeness: Three steps to get off the bus without human contact.

WTF is... WTF is?

To me, even after living amongst Norwegians for half a year, one of the most puzzling things about them is still their way of social interaction. Depending on the situation Norwegians can either be the politest people of all time, or the most antisocial human beings ever. It might be the climate, or the fact that there are just over … Read More

TRAVEL POLICY. Håvard Harstatt introducing CET's travel policy.

Students, scientists and the general public were invited to attend lectures, workshops and panel debates concerning sustainability.

One aspect that was discussed throughout the day was what changes could be made in order to make universities eco-friendlier. The event «Day Zero» was being held on the 5th of February 2020 at Kvarteret and the Student Centre. Including students in the discussion – ­We are here today to try and enlighten students about what the University of Bergen … Read More

Many students in Bergen vote from a city that is not their own - but how do they vote?

– It is unfair that we had to choose between rent for a month and taking part in our democracy. Mary O’Connor is an exchange student from Ireland who lives in Bergen. She reacted with frustration as the Irish election was announced only twenty-five days before it was to be held. Over the last number of months, students of many … Read More

Want to explore the field of journalism? Norway's second largest student newspaper is looking for journalists and photographers.

We are looking for journalists and photographers for our English section! This section is mostly consisting of exchange students, with articles covering everything that is relevant for you to know while on your exchange in Bergen. If you are more interested in photo journalism or illustrating, we also have a photo section that is open for international student as well … Read More

– When an international student faces the end of the semester, (s)he should try to make the most out of the last few weeks, says an ex-exchange student.

November means shorter and colder days, but it is still too early to celebrate Christmas. November also means that exams are approaching and the semester is about to end.  For an international student, this means one thing in particular: the exchange period is almost over, and soon it will be time to go back home. But there are still some … Read More

How can you, as a student, adapt your daily routine to live a more environment-friendly lifestyle? Here is the answer.

The «Zero-Waste-lifestyle» has been a topic of discussion over the course of the last couple of weeks during Sammen’s «Environmental Week» as well as FLYT, the literature festival for the youth. Here are some tips on how you can be more sustainable in your everyday life. Read: The best places to travel in Bergen – for free Is it Possible … Read More

Every student faces difficulties, some larger than others. Ulrikke Falch gives advice on how to overcome these obstacles.

This was the theme of the TEDx Bergen 2019, held at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) on October the 19th. Among the topics addressed were mental health and social pressure among young people. Read: Extreme Increase in Rental Prices at Fantoft. For some, the years spent at university can be more difficult and troubled than expected. According to the SHoT … Read More

It’s Halloween again and it can only mean one thing: The annual costume anxiety.

If the student budget can’t stretch to a new, snazzy (or dubiously sexy) costume, do not stress. Studvest has the answer – six costumes you can make in minutes using the few things you have lying around at home. Read: How to Overcome Obstacles. «When Life Gives You Lemons» This cliché expression is a great inspiration for a very simple … Read More

BREWERY. We visited the local brewery and the walls were as green as the cans.

Why is the beer in the green can so popular? An international students perspective on the Bergen beer culture.

If any single thing could be labelled the essence of the Bergen student experience, the drinkers among us would surely give that accolade to a can of Hansa beer. From a packed and noisy pre-party to a quiet evening in Kvarteret, Hansa is often the beverage of choice. To an innocent international student, it can be somewhat confusing. Why are … Read More

BEFORE. Fantoft was considered as one of the cheapest places to rent for students in Bergen.

Students have to pay between 60 percent and a 100 percent more for their apartments after renovations at Fantoft.

Since 2017 Sammen has been renovating old blocks at the student dorms at Fantoft. Before they were old 60/70s styled apartments that got complaints about living standards from the residents. The renovations started early 2018 with D/C block, which opened the summer of 2018. A/B block opened this June after a year of renovation. These new renovations comes at a … Read More