APPS. Using discount applications on your phone is one way to save money.

Norway is the 4th most expensive country in the world.


According to the Cost of Living Index 2018 Mid-Year, four student towns in Norway, such as Stavanger (9th), Oslo (10th), Bergen (11th) and Trondheim (13th), are in the top 20 of the most expensive cities to live in the world. That means that the cost of living in these cities is the same like in New York City (12th) or … Read More

FOOD AND FOOTBALL. The International Week consisted of a food-competition on Thursday, a free concert with music groups from different countries playing at Klubb Fantoft at Friday and a football tournament on Saturday.

– The intention is to bring international and Norwegian students together through sport, food and music

Some International students seem to struggle to meet new people and especially to meet Norwegians. Studvest reported this before and asked students about this issue on the occasion of the International Week. It happened for the first time this year and was organised by SSL Bergen, ISU Bergen and the Tenants Union Fantoft (TU Fantoft). – The intention is to bring … Read More

PRESSURE. There’s a lot of pressure on students and great expectations about a successful future, says Øystein Sandven, a psychologist at Sammen. ARCHIVE PHOTO: ADRIAN GRINDBAKKEN. 

— We have a good welfare system and a good economy but this does not mean that everything is good.

Since the World Happiness Record (U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions Network) was first published in 2012, Norway has consistently ranked in the top four happiest countries. A recent survey gives a different impression on the happiness of Norwegians. It says that one in five students have considered suicide and that 29 per cent have serious mental ailments. — Pressure on students — We … Read More

AD FONTES. Students and employees are all gathered at the student bar Ad Fontes for an evening of Norwegian fun; including food and dance. FOTO: PATRICIA VALECILLOS MARCANO

Assistant professors hosted a Norwegian evening for international graduate students and employees.

– We are very happy about the turn-out. We thought it was important to organize a social event for those students that usually do not have them. Before we’ve had smaller events like film nights, so this is very exciting, said assistant professor Pernille Myrvold. Most international graduate students attend Norwegian language courses at the Humanities Faculty of the University … Read More

ANNOYING. ― It doesn't look good, especially on the new buildings, says exchange student Jonas Nielsen From Denmark. PHOTO: SAMMEN

Sammen had to spend 10 455 kroner to clean up graffiti in August.

― I’ve never lived in student housing where tagging happened so often, says James Moir from England. He tells us about one incident a couple of weeks ago where he was disappointed to find new graffiti on the clean elevator he had used just 10 minutes earlier that night. Sammen’s sales and market director, Bente Holmevik, tells us there have … Read More

JOIN US. Studvest is looking for new journalists and photographers.

Are you an aspiring journalist or photographer?

Studvest is looking for new journalists for the english section of the second largest student newspaper in Norway. As a journalist you are required to have good written language skills, as well as an interest in journalism and news. We are also looking for photographers for our photo section. As a photographer you should have a good eye and a … Read More

RENOVATION. Sammen is renovating "the Old Blocks" at Fantoft.

Students complain about "the Old Blocks". Sammen says they are working on it

–     There is no microwave or oven, and only a single stove, says Berit Bjørnholt, who has been living in Block H at Fantoft for half a year and would stay for two more years. She has purchased a microwave for her apartment. She is not alone when it comes to complaining about “the Old Blocks” (Blocks A to H) … Read More

TINDER. Alixe Averty, a French student in communication, and Steffen Algrøy Boga, a Norwegian student, met on Tinder. PHOTO: MARIE PIQUET

– I’ve never experienced Norwegian women making the first move.

Friendship with Norwegians appeared not always easy, Studvest wrote recently. If making friends is like hiking Ulriken for the first time in the rain, we can easily imagine what should be the long trek to date them: Maybe something like Trolltunga? We were curious to meet those adventurers. Some of them agreed to share their story. Alixe Averty, a French … Read More

JUST SAY YES. When someone is talking to you, just say yes. It might be "go home, foreigner", but it's probably just related to the weather. ILLUSTRATION: TORA KYLLINGSTAD

A guide for international students.

How different is Norway from your home country? If your answer is “a lot!”, it means that you’ve probably committed social faux-pas that gave you away as an international student. If you want to blend more into the Norwegian society, you have come across the perfect article. Here are a few tips that I, your well-concerned journalist and formerly lost-and-disoriented-international … Read More


Unique phrases of the north, as explained by native speakers.

Have you ever asked a Norwegian friend to explain a word you don’t understand, only to find that they cannot articulate it in a language you know? They have the details, but putting them into a single phrase is untenable for them. It turns out there are a series of expressions like this, and luckily there are native speakers around … Read More