«Raske briller», the Norwegian tinted sporty shades that make everyone who wears them seem like a professional athlete.

SHADES. The tinted sunglasses are suitable both while skiing in Norway and for wild parties. Illustration: Anna Jakobsen

WTF is…? is a column where Studvest’s English section points out different interesting or strange aspects about living in Norway from an International’s perspective. The column can be both serious and light hearted, and is based on the journalist’s own experience. As soon as you leave your own four walls on a sunny day in Norway, it’s almost impossible not … Read More

CORRESPONDENT: As a Dane in Norway, I still have limited knowledge of the biggest celebration day in Norway and of Denmark’s influence on the Norwegian national identity.

HISTORY. Danes learn suprisingly little about their countries historic influence on Norway.

My Norwegian roomie came home one day and invited me to the celebration of the 17th of May. As a Danish exchange student always looking for new experiences, I immediately said yes. Additionally, I asked: «What are you actually celebrating on the 17th of May?» The answer came promptly from my Norwegian roomie: «The liberation from you!» That conversation opened Pandora’s … Read More

After spending one month of fasting days, Muslim students are looking forward to the warm and lively Eid celebration. However, exchange students do not have many expectations in Norway.

PREPARED. Rizky Mulyana (33) is mentally prepared to celebrate eid away from Indonesia. PHOTO: Natálie Nováková


Many exchange Muslim students in Norway are facing a challenge being far away from their homes, including Rizky Mulyana (33) and Saba Munir (27). – Eid is associated with being social, Eid is time for gathering with family and friends. Honestly, I am very sad to be far from them, but I choose not to show it, says Saba Munir. … Read More

CORRESPONDENT: Since the outbreak of COVID 19, my mental health has seen a major decline. But I’ve never felt so hopeful and better about it.

DIRTY. The feeling of being unclean did not dissapear, no matter how much I tried. Illustrastion: Thale Mathiassen

The voice in my head screamed as I scrubbed my body with soap and scalding hot water. I had just gotten home, and I felt like everything outside was dirty: I had to get clean. I stood in the shower, naked. All my clothes were already in the laundry basket, waiting to be washed. I took a burning hot shower, … Read More

Students express that this feeling of unsafety doesn’t necessarily go away when crossing the border to Norway.

SAFETY. Viktoria Labus (20) and Celine Madlen (21) share how safe they feel walking home alone in Bergen. PHOTO: Andrea Olsen

Fact box

– Of course I know Norway is a relatively safe country, but still, I caught myself holding my keys in my hands at night, says Viktoria Labus (20), exchange student from Aachen in Germany.  Two female exchange students share their experience of their own safety in Bergen.  Women’s safety and defense mechanisms in Bergen Labus thinks Bergen has a safer … Read More

Many students don't feel comfortable showing their faces during a Zoom-lecture. Waqas Hussain (25) is one of them.

EARLY LECTURES. Waqas Hussain (25) opts to turn off the camera on morning lectures. PHOTO: Sakinah Lisa

– There are times where I don’t feel comfortable showing my face. Especially during the morning lectures when I am not ready, because I feel so terrible in the morning. Other times I simply don’t think I look good. Waqas Hussain (25) is an international student at the University of Bergen (UiB). When he has his camera on, he feels … Read More

According to professor emeritus in Nordic linguistics, it is not the many dialects that stand out in Norway, but the use of them. International student believes that it is a duty to learn Norwegian.

EAGER TO LEARN. Joan Mateu Horrach Pou (25) was very motivated to learn Norwegian when he moved to Norway. PHOTO: Jeffrey Meijer

Joan Mateu Horrach Pou (25), an international master student from Mallorca, was determined and motivated to learn Norwegian, shortly after his arrival to Norway. – My duty as a student here in Norway is to integrate myself and contribute to this country, and to do so, I must learn the language, he says. «The dialect debate» There is a saying, … Read More

The process of the student elections is now underway. But why should you, as an international student, vote for these student elections?

Illustration: Henriette Frøysland Thorkildsen

If you are an international or an exchange student at the University of Bergen (UiB), perhaps you didn’t hear about the student elections taking place these days. All students registered at UiB, including international and exchange students, have the opportunity to vote for their representatives. These are important elections. I say «these» because there are indeed two elections. You have … Read More

While lockdowns and restrictions inhibit social interactions, some exchange students in Bergen manage to build a social life.

SOCIAL LIFE. Both German Taraneh Redwood and Finnish Lasse Lund has found ways to establish a social life in Bergen. PHOTO: Andreas Fjellanger

– It’s challenging because you need to have some fantasy to have social interaction, you can’t just have a huge party.  This says Lasse Lund, an exchange student from Finland, about the social life in Bergen during the pandemic. Even though he has been having a great time in Bergen, he does admit that the current situation has forced him … Read More

While vegan students are thriving quite well in Bergen with their vegan lifestyle, a nutritionist wouldn’t advise people to choose a vegan diet.

VEGAN LIFESTYLE. Laura Ruuder (21) and Pablo Vadillo (24) share their experience of being vegan students in Bergen. PHOTO: Josef Kosler

The exchange students, Laura Ruuder (21) and Pablo Vadillo (24), both began their vegan journey overnight. It all started as an experiment. – Then I decided to stick to a plant-based diet with the debate about animal slaughters and the dairy industry, Ruuder says. Many people get inspired to go vegan after seeing documentaries that underline animal cruelty, factory farming, … Read More