SHARED DISSATISFACTION. The new shared rooms at Fantoft TRE have not been well received by all. PHOTO: TORIL SUNDE APELTHUN

Most exchange students don't want a shared room, Sammen informs. Still, many are forced to share.

All new exchange students in Bergen are guaranteed a place in one of Sammen’s student housing complexes. At the start of the current semester, Sammen’s newest student home opened; Fantoft TRE. As part of this new development, Sammen introduced shared bedrooms going under the name ‘single room – compact’. If people want to share and have a cheaper room, that’s … Read More

Ignore the judgmental looks of the cashier and rest your weary head. PHOTO: SARAH HALL

Every student in Bergen will at some point come to the question, «what should I eat that's neither expensive, nor healthy?» Consider this your answer.

Everyone knows that the food you eat after leaving the nightclub is the most important part of any night out. It’s the calm after the storm, an opportunity to rest your feet, and for some, the time for a last-ditch attempt at finding someone to go home with. Crucially, food has no age limit, so if you’re under 20 and … Read More

TALKING HELPS. Counsellor Berit Christine Nestås stresses that homesickness is a completely normal reaction to being abroad. You can work out a strategy together at Sammen Career and Counselling. PHOTO: JULIE GÜNTHER

– Homesick students may dig a bigger, deeper hole, counselor says.

According to Berit Christine Nestås, a counsellor at Sammen Career and Counselling, homesickness usually hits students a few weeks into their semester abroad. – The first few weeks are in the honeymoon phase – it’s new, it’s exciting and they’re in a state full of positivity and curiosity. However, maybe after a couple of weeks or months, the everyday life … Read More

SEVERAL NOMINEES. A lot of people showed up hoping that their organisation would win the price. PHOTO: MIA MILDE/VELFERDSTINGET

However, the winner had to be convinced before the nomination.

The Integration Prize

On Friday night the Welfare Parliament handed out the annual Integration Prize. The winner of the prize is Dennis Osei Kontor. He is the first person ever to win it, as all the previous winners have been organisations. — Fantoft and the international students won this prize. I just work for them, says Kontor after receiving the award. Kontor is … Read More


Why do we internationals keep hearing English words when Norwegians talk to each other?

It’s not just you that Norwegians speak English with. Just by walking down the street you can hear them spouting words, phrases, and quotes to each other, with none of it in their native tongue. It’s bits and pieces, people dropping in random things like “crispy”, “road trip”, or “I’ll be back”, into a conversation that’s otherwise unintelligible. It begs … Read More

SOCIAL NETWORKING. International and Norwegian students connect at ESN Bergen's fortnightly Language Cafes. PHOTO: MARIA HOLTAN NYKÅS

Is making friends with Norwegian students really as hard as it seems? Visiting exchange students say it’s difficult, but not impossible.

There’s a common conception that Norwegians don’t like making friends with outsiders and have been described by visiting foreigners as unsociable, unfriendly and aloof. A 2016 survey from the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education found that one of the biggest challenges international students in Norway face is getting acquainted with Norwegians. 29 percent of those surveyed said that … Read More

SURPRISE. Abiyot Dagne Belay (right) did not expect his room mate Philipp Dahlinger when he arrived at Fantoft TRE. They have become good friends, but Belay would still have appreciated a heads up that he would be sharing a room during his exchange. PHOTO: ELLISIF NYGÅRD

A surprise was in store for exchange student Abiyot Dagne Belay when he arrived at Fantoft: A stranger he would share his bedroom with for the semester.

– I was under the impression that I was going to have a single apartment. That changed when I entered the room, says Ethiopian exchange student Abiyot Dagne Belay about the day he arrived at Fantoft student housing. Belay had made the long trip from Ethiopia that very day, and was looking forward to relaxing in his room after the … Read More


There are more things to life than curriculum. Especially when you are on exchange.

We at Studvest, the student newspaper in Bergen, wish you the warmest of welcomes to Bergen! You are probably starting to grow tired of advice on how to make the most of your stay in Bergen. But stay with us, as we think that our advice might just differ from what you have heard from principals, professors and coordinators this … Read More

Is having a partner waiting for you back home when you are on exchange a good or a bad thing? Different students have different opinions.

Studying one semester abroad ought to be one of the best times of your life. It is all about meeting new people and stepping out of your comfort zone. But to what extent is it possible to completely let yourself go while your partner at home is desperately waiting for your return? The Strength of True Love Vilma Jeskanen is … Read More

The best ways to soak up those rays.

As you will no doubt realise, sunny days in Bergen are rare, and certainly not to be wasted. Be sure to drop all responsibilities immediately and head into the warm bliss. But wait – you are so used to the rain you realise you don’t know how to spend these precious days. What exactly is there to do other than … Read More