TINDER. Alixe Averty, a French student in communication, and Steffen Algrøy Boga, a Norwegian student, met on Tinder. PHOTO: MARIE PIQUET

– I’ve never experienced Norwegian women making the first move.

Friendship with Norwegians appeared not always easy, Studvest wrote recently. If making friends is like hiking Ulriken for the first time in the rain, we can easily imagine what should be the long trek to date them: Maybe something like Trolltunga? We were curious to meet those adventurers. Some of them agreed to share their story. Alixe Averty, a French … Read More

JUST SAY YES. When someone is talking to you, just say yes. It might be "go home, foreigner", but it's probably just related to the weather. ILLUSTRATION: TORA KYLLINGSTAD

A guide for international students.

How different is Norway from your home country? If your answer is “a lot!”, it means that you’ve probably committed social faux-pas that gave you away as an international student. If you want to blend more into the Norwegian society, you have come across the perfect article. Here are a few tips that I, your well-concerned journalist and formerly lost-and-disoriented-international … Read More


Unique phrases of the north, as explained by native speakers.

Have you ever asked a Norwegian friend to explain a word you don’t understand, only to find that they cannot articulate it in a language you know? They have the details, but putting them into a single phrase is untenable for them. It turns out there are a series of expressions like this, and luckily there are native speakers around … Read More

AMERICAN. Gabriel Calvin is an American who has been living in Norway for over six months. PHOTO: BEATE FELDE

– The first phrase I learned in Norwegian was "Jeg stemte ikke på Donald Trump".

This is how Gabriel Calvin, a student from Missouri, assess how living in Norway during Trump’s presidency has impacted his semester abroad. He is spending a full year on exchange in Comparative Politics at UiB. The first year of Trump in the White House has come to a close. For young Norwegians, last year in the United States was followed … Read More

BARRIER. Sondre Mandelid Kleppe thinks that Norwegian language is a barrier that keeps international students from the student society. FOTO: NICKLAS CHRISTIANSEN

Norwegian students rarely meet international students, according to a student survey.

Bergen is both an international and a student city. According to Sondre Mandelid Kleppe, a Norwegian student in Bergen, who met international students in class and in group works, Bergen could welcome its international students in a better way. – International students are interesting. They bring diversity and different perspectives in the lectures and it’s a good thing. Don’t mingle … Read More

TAKING ACTION. Exchange student Gabriele Morelli started the petition. FOTO: BEATE FELDE

137 have signed the petition calling for plastic recycling at Fantoft.

– Norway is such an advanced country, but we don’t have plastic recycling bins in such a large student accommodation as Fantoft. That’s just strange to me, says Gabriele Morelli, an exchange student from Italy. At Fantoft, you can recycle paper, metal and glass. But plastic? No. – I want to get rid of plastic properly. I just feel bad not recycling, … Read More


Fantoft continues to fill its halls with our friends from across the North Sea.

 — I made it a point not to make any German friends while on exchange, says Maren Besser. Besser, a German exchange student, had made the decision to spend the year in Norway so she could experience what life was like in a Northern country. When she got here, however, her exchange experience turned out to be a little less … Read More

EXHAUSTED. Sarah Fengler has difficulties to stay awake during the day. PHOTO: Nora Elvestad

– I couldn’t sleep because of constant parties and loud noises, says Sarah Fengler. As a result, she paid 1400 NOK to find a different place to sleep for a few nights.

– It feels like a prison. Since I came to Bergen I’ve often only had around three hours of sleep per night, says exchange student Sarah Fengler about the situation at new student building, Fantoft TRE. According to Fengler, the situation got so bad that at one point, she had to spend a few nights in a hostel to get … Read More

SHARED DISSATISFACTION. The new shared rooms at Fantoft TRE have not been well received by all. PHOTO: TORIL SUNDE APELTHUN

Most exchange students don't want a shared room, Sammen informs. Still, many are forced to share.

All new exchange students in Bergen are guaranteed a place in one of Sammen’s student housing complexes. At the start of the current semester, Sammen’s newest student home opened; Fantoft TRE. As part of this new development, Sammen introduced shared bedrooms going under the name ‘single room – compact’. If people want to share and have a cheaper room, that’s … Read More

Ignore the judgmental looks of the cashier and rest your weary head. PHOTO: SARAH HALL

Every student in Bergen will at some point come to the question, «what should I eat that's neither expensive, nor healthy?» Consider this your answer.

Everyone knows that the food you eat after leaving the nightclub is the most important part of any night out. It’s the calm after the storm, an opportunity to rest your feet, and for some, the time for a last-ditch attempt at finding someone to go home with. Crucially, food has no age limit, so if you’re under 20 and … Read More