How to survive post-Erasmus depression

How to survive the post-Erasmus depression

24 Fine Arts students present their works

Look into the MA exhibition «with eyes closed call me»

ISU-UIB is a democratic organization

ISU-UiB is a democratic organization

All the members have a platform to discuss relevant matters, the president of ISU-UiB writes.

ISU-UIB haven't had a General Assembly for two years

ISU-UIB haven’t had a General Assembly for two years

Giving rise to the question of why?

Filmfestival zooms in on Latin America

600 films are made in Latin America each year.

Only one was shown in Norway.


«Dumpster diving» helps exchange students deal with norwegian prices

Hedvika saves hundreds by recycling thrown away food

Lack of volunteers is causing problems

Few Norwegians volunteer to welcome the exchange students