Students hide their vegan lifestyle in order to avoid an argument

– People think you crave meat, but the thing is you don’t.

WTF is... Påskekrim?

WTF is… «Påskekrim»?

Hoping to befriend «our kind» in Bergen

The Icelandic «greet a stranger syndrome»

Surviving the chaos between pandemic, studying, and newborn baby.
Being a student and a parent:

– Sometimes we reach our breaking point

Students were stunned: Not allowed to quarantine in their students' flats

Had to pay for the quarantine hotel themselves

Assured with housing guarantee without having a place to stay
Exchange students struggles getting housing accommodation:

– Nothing worse than not knowing if I will get a house until the very end

- Maybe Norwegians are fine with only being with three people, I am not.

Norwegian «Lone Wolf Culture» as a tool against COVID-19?