Pop your 17th of May cherry
The 17th of May celebrations can be confusing:

We have planned the day for you!

New tuition fees are coming: –  We don't think we will get a lot of international students next year
Tuition fees for international students:

– This will be disastrous for us

Hands off our rightful wages

Hands off our rightful wages

A support scheme has helped Ilkiv. It may be discontinued this summer
Uncertainty regarding support scheme for Ukrainian students:

– I think it should be prolonged

Claims the limited bus service prevents his social life
Student living in Ytrebygda:

– The bus schedule has had a big impact on my social life

Not going home for Christmas
Aliakandra and Alisher are not going home for the holidays:

– I was not even hoping to travel home

Cannabis at Fantoft. Here's what the tenants think
Cannabis at Fantoft:

Here’s what the tenants think