How to get the most out of your exchange in Bergen

How to get the most out of your exchange in Bergen

While one student holds tight on to her keys, another one was given a rape alarm for defense

Feels safer to take preventive measures:

– Violence against women has no nationality

Student thinks that turning the camera on over Zoom should not be mandatory
The black screen phenomenon:

– There are times when I don’t feel comfortable showing my face

International student intrigued by the way the Norwegians appreciate their dialects
Learning Norwegian was a goal:

– My duty as a student here in Norway is to integrate myself

Why you should care about the student elections

Exchange students deserve to have someone fight for their concerns

Exchange students are faced with a challenging social environment
Finnish Lasse Lund makes new friends despite Corona:

– It’s challenging because you need to have some fantasy for social interaction


Students hide their vegan lifestyle in order to avoid an argument

– People think you crave meat, but the thing is you don’t.