The best ways to soak up those rays.

As you will no doubt realise, sunny days in Bergen are rare, and certainly not to be wasted. Be sure to drop all responsibilities immediately and head into the warm bliss. But wait – you are so used to the rain you realise you don’t know how to spend these precious days. What exactly is there to do other than head to Nygårdsparken or take to Ulriken for a hike?


Perhaps the least well-known of the 7 mountains, but an excellent hike nonetheless. Be sure not to skip this one out. The best way to reach the trail is by taking the number 17 bus from the city centre to the last stop, Gradval.

A sweet spot

Hallaisen is an Ice Cream Parlour and Cocktail Bar, located at Skostredet 5, 5017. This place is perfect for those of you who would rather put your feet up and relax instead of climbing another hill. With a whole range of flavours and drinks, there is something to suit everyone.

Taking a dip

A truly ‘hidden’ gem is a swimming spot at Kleppesto. You can get here by taking the ferry from Strandkaein to Kleppesto. Bonus; if you have a Skyss 30 day youth ticket, the journey is covered.

Once arriving on the island, it’s a short walk to the perfect place to enjoy the weather. There is even a diving board for those brave enough to face the temperature of the water.


One of the most chilled out ways to spend a warm day is at Gamlehaugen; the King‘s House. The grounds are beautiful and the perfect place to enjoy a picnic, or watch the sunset, and again, the water is there waiting to be jumped in.

Gamle Bergen

Literally meaning ‘Old Bergen’, this museum allows you to take a peek at what Bergen was once like. It’s an open air museum, so no sunshine is wasted. You can have lunch at the restaurant, and visit the park without purchasing a ticket, although a student ticket is only 50 NOK.  You can find the museum entrance at Nyhavnsveien 4, 5042 Bergen. Oh, and in the park right next to the museum there are swimming possibilities a plenty!

Fløyen activities

There’s more to Fløyen than the creepy trolls and play parks. You are able to rent mountain bikes so you can explore nature in a different way. The prices range from 400 NOK for 3 hours, to 500 NOK for the day.

For anyone that prefers to paddle rather than peddle, canoeing on Fløyen is also possible. Unfortunately, this can only be done in the summer months, so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity.