How do you survive the exam season? Studvest has talked to international students in Bergen.

BREAK. This interview with Studvest is a long overdue break from his exam, Jack Crouch says.

Exam season is upon us and with it comes the exam jitters.   Here is what a couple of international students had to say when asked how their exam season has been so far.  Avoiding a burnout Jack Crouch (22) from the UK, is a first-year student in a master’s program in Physical geography at UiB. Since Crouch has kept it … Read More

Students struggle to cope between parenting and studying. This is how the student couple from the University of Bergen manages.

STRUGGLE: Sunniva Kristine Jaspers Grønnslett (29) and Ideal Hoxha (30), a student couple living their everyday life as new parents to their little baby. PHOTO: Sakinah Lisa

Students are being hit hard by the shifts brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.  While Sunniva Kristine Jaspers Grønnslett (29) and Ideal Hoxha (30) both need to adjust to the changes brought by the pandemic and a whole new experience as parents to their ten weeks old baby.  Hoxha comes from Kosovo and Grønnslett comes from Norway. Both of them are … Read More