Have you just arrived in Bergen for your exchange semester? Or are you looking for something new to do in the city you already call home? We have collected some of the highlights Bergen has to offer for students.

POSSEBILITIES. There are many things to do in Bergen.


Joining student life A great way to experience Norwegian student life and make new friends, both international and local, is by joining a student organization. Whether you are interested in exploring nature, want to be a student activist, or write news articles, there is a student organization for you.  Going to a bar is also a good way of meeting … Read More

During the month of December, Sammen organizes many activities for all the students who are spending the Christmas holidays alone in Bergen.

INVOLVED. The whole Sammen team is involved during Christmas to gather students and prevent isolation.


This year, some students will not spend the Christmas celebrations in their hometown nor with their family. The student organization Sammen wants to prevent students from isolating themselves. For that, they offer to all students the possibility to socialize through many events and activities almost every day in December and early January. – It is very important for us to … Read More

I wanted to go dancing in a famous club in Bergen, but the dream soon turned into a nightmare.

ZOO. That famous club did not feel like a dance place, but more like a Zoo full of rare Norwegian species. Illustration: Silje Ratcharanarin Khuanroodee


As exchange students, we all want to get the most out of all the social and festive events that come in our way. Some say university is nothing but a good excuse for us. Some say our real motivation is to party. Well, maybe it is not entirely wrong. Thus, you can imagine our joy on the 25th of September … Read More

For many exchange students who are strangers to Norwegian culture, language and employment policy, it can be a demanding task to get a job in Bergen.

LUCKY. Titouan feels lucky to have managed to get a job in Bergen.

Lokøen's advice

Compared to its neighbors, Norway is an expensive country. The high quality of life is probably one of the reasons which made you study in Bergen. Some students can fully enjoy their experience abroad thanks to a good grant, some savings, and help from mum and dad. But for many others, it is necessary to find a part-time job in … Read More

The rooftop terrace and balconies at Fantoft TRE were closed due to excessive noise complaints, but students question whether it is quieter now.

CLOSED. The roof terrace at Fantoft was closed following excessive noise complaints.


Student housing is known for being loud, and Fantoft, home to many exchange students and families, is no exception. Marita Monsen, head of communications at Sammen, writes in an email to Studvest that there has been an increase in noise complaints this semester in comparison to previous years. After sending a first warning email on September 2., Sammen closed the … Read More

While vegan students are thriving quite well in Bergen with their vegan lifestyle, a nutritionist wouldn’t advise people to choose a vegan diet.

VEGAN LIFESTYLE. Laura Ruuder (21) and Pablo Vadillo (24) share their experience of being vegan students in Bergen. PHOTO: Josef Kosler


The exchange students, Laura Ruuder (21) and Pablo Vadillo (24), both began their vegan journey overnight. It all started as an experiment. – Then I decided to stick to a plant-based diet with the debate about animal slaughters and the dairy industry, Ruuder says. Many people get inspired to go vegan after seeing documentaries that underline animal cruelty, factory farming, … Read More

Hei og hopp, din fluesopp. Snart påskeferie, men først: Ny episode av Studcast!

STUDCAST. Ny uke, nye muligheter, ny episode av Studcast.


Hvordan starte påsken med et smell? Ved å høre på Studcast! Dine trofaste programledere AJ, Vilde, Emilie og Rafael er tilbake for en ny uke med studentnyheter og skravling. Du kan som alltid lytte til Studcast på iTunes, Spotify eller ved å søke opp «Studcast» i din foretrukne podcast-app. Forrige uke sjekket Studvest hva slags musikk studenter hører på når de studerer. Gjenspeiles … Read More

Ny episode av Studcast! Nye saker, nytt sladder og nytt blod i studio skal diskuteres.

MYE NYTT. Studcast er ute med ny episode! FOTO: Andrea Olsen


Oi, bare en uke siden sist! Ny Studcast-episode er ute! Ukens episode starter litt annerledes, nemlig med en liten nyhet: Studvest og Studentradioen i Bergen samarbeider nå om Studcast! AJ og Vilde har derfor gleden av å få med seg sosiologi-studenten Emilie Skjærbekk Lindborg og den franske utvekslingseleven Rafael Benabdelmoumene med seg i studio. For de som liker både norsk, … Read More

Exchange students criticize the waiting time and the unclear communication.

UNCERTAINTY. Giulia Testa and Michael Hissen both struggled with getting accommodation through Sammen.


– They said check your emails every day, if we have something for you it will come up, but I never received any email or an offer, Michael Hissen explains.  Even though Hissen is a German exchange student covered by Sammen’s housing guarantee, he never received a housing offer. Sammen told him that they had no vacancies available.    Italian exchange … Read More

CORRESPONDENT: Before I went to Germany to celebrate Christmas, I didn’t think in depth about what to expect. I was pretty confident that getting back to Norway would be an easy task.

UNCERTAINTY. The corona situation turned travelling internationally into a different type of adventure. Illustration: Anna Jakobsen


«People do not travel right now». That was my only thought, before going home to Germany from Bergen. Once landed in Amsterdam that illusion went away in a heartbeat. KLM is one of the few airlines in Europe still operating and all their flights go through Amsterdam. Running through the long halls to catch my plane to Hamburg, I became … Read More