International students struggle to find the information they need, when they fall sick or have an emergency. Sammen promises to be better.


– I just called one of the numbers on the website, everything was in Norwegian, so I had no idea which was the right one. This says Suzann Ohl, an international student from Germany about her experience when she fell sick in the beginning of August. Suzann searched for information on Sammen’s webpage and got directed to 7 Fjell medical centre, … Read More

This says the acting head of Studentenes Psykiske Helsetjeneste - SPH (Students' Mental Health Service), Charlotte Lie. And this is especially true for international students.

Do you need someone to talk to?

Seeking help as a student, when struggling with mental issues, even if it is just the experience of loneliness, is often hard. For international students there might even be bigger obstacles. The foreign language may seem like a big complication, but Charlotte Lie, acting head of SPH explains that she never experienced any problems in consultation with international students. The … Read More

Students should limit social contact as far as possible.


Over the last two weeks the number of infected people increased sharply. Overall there are now 1028 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since February in the municipality of Bergen. It was confirmed Wednesday that there were 257 new infections registered in Bergen over the las ten days, the most since the virus first started spreading in February. The new outbreaks are … Read More

Bergen sine internasjonale studentar har vore gjennom utryggleik, redsle, oppseiingar og permitteringar. Mange må reise heim og avbryte utdanninga. Her er deira historie.

ARKIVFOTO: Daniella Daae


Det er berre dagar før Erna Solberg sin pressekonferanse.  Nyhenda kjem om at koronaviruset spreier seg i land etter land. Norske studentar byrjar å tenkje på kva som kan skje når viruset kjem hit. Permitteringar. Heimreiser. Nokre vil få dagpengar, mange vil stå på bar bakke. Mange av Noregs internasjonale studentar kjenn det knyte seg i magen. For dei som … Read More

OPINION: How the lack of modern e-learning techniques has impacted our academic lives at University of Bergen.

e learning challenge_universityofbergen_heidiskjold_uib_coronavirus

Illustration: Heidi Skjold


Coronavirus is uncovering the need of updated e-learning techniques.

Major reconstruction work at Fantoft student housing is causing noise problems for residents.

MACHINE. Construction Machinery is a common sight at Fantoft.


Waking up is never easy. The noise of the alarm clock or that overplayed wake-up tune, it is part of the day to day routine. Unfortunately, for some of the students here in Bergen, a different kind of melody is their wake-up call. Major renovation works have been occurring at Fantoft Studentboliger for some time. These renovations have been a … Read More

Is it possible ISU-UIB leaders have no intention of ever letting go?

RESPONSIBILITY. General Assemblies should be held to consult students and give them a voice in how their organization is run, writes Zachariah Mushawatu.


Almost all student organizations in Bergen, among them SAIH Bergen, Amnesty Student Bergen and ESN Bergen, hold regular General Assemblies, except one – International Students Union at the University of Bergen (ISU-UIB). ISU-UIB is a local chapter of ISU Norway whose purpose is to ensure that human rights and interests of international students are protected according to section 2.1. of … Read More

Denne uken skal nytt studentparlament velges ved Universitetet i Bergen (UiB). Her får du en innføring i valget og de politiske listenes fanesaker.

DEBATT: Mandag stilte alle listelederne til debatt på Kvarteret.


Studentparlamentsvalget starter neste mandag. I årets valg er det åtte lister som kjemper om å kapre flest av de 24 tilgjengelige setene i Bergens største studentdemokrati. Hvem som vinner, vil sette standarden for hva studentene ved Universitetet i Bergen skal mene og arbeide for å få gjennomslag for det kommende året. Listene, som kan sammenlignes med politiske partier, ønsker å … Read More

Many international students have decided to try dumpster diving during their stay in Norway. Motives are various - from simply saving money, to environmental reasons or even the social aspect of the activity.

SOCIAL AND FUN. Exchange student Hedvika Kotherová considers dumpster diving to be especially enjoyable when in a group of like-minded people.


An attempt to reduce food waste or just another way of saving money. Dumpster diving is controversial yet trendy activity among international students in Bergen. Among them is Hedvika Kotherová. She is a student of political science from Czech republic and she is staying in Bergen for one semester thanks to Erasmus+ programme. When here, she decided to try a … Read More