Planning life after graduation may be exciting. However, for some international students, finishing their study time brings uncertainty.

Haithem Merchaoui moved to Norway from Tunisia to study at NHH. He will gradute in December and doesn't know if he will stay in Norway.

MASTER'S STUDENT: Haithem Merchaoui is disappointed by his experience as an international student in Bergen. PHOTO: Patrycja Pankau


International students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland have to follow immigration rules and deal with bureaucracy. For many of them, it is not guaranteed that they will be able to stay in Norway after graduation. Studvest asked two international students who finished their education this year about their further plans. Feeling unwelcome 28-year-old Haithem Merchaoui moved to Bergen from … Read More

The 17th of May is definitely not a day one wants to miss out on – as we are told by many Norwegians. But what’s actually the deal with Norway’s constitutional day?

CONFUSION: The 17th of May celebrations can be confusing for first timers. ILLUSTRASJON: Tilde Torkildsen

Processions, champagne, good vibes: It’s almost time for the biggest party of the year in Norway. But for those about to experience the festivities for the first time, many questions about traditions, customs, and how to just have an overall good time might arise. Studvest went out on a mission to demystify this hyped-up day and figure out if it’s … Read More

If you’re currently in a Norwegian course, consider yourself lucky. Nada, Enora and Lluïsa have all had difficulties getting into a Norwegian course at the University of Bergen (UiB).

NO LUCK. Enora Koziol (20) did not get a place at a Norwegian course at UiB.

Close to 2000 international students study at the University of Bergen (UiB). Approximately 380 of them were admitted to a Norwegian course this fall. The total number of students who applied for a course via Studentweb is unknown to UiB.  The university offers seven different Norwegian courses on four levels, for free. International employees and their partners, international students, and … Read More