Between the change of pace, the return home and the heartbreaking goodbyes, the end of Erasmus experience is not always as easy as you might think.

GOODBYE: A student on her way back to her country. PHOTO: Ella Biehler.

The exchange semester is drawing to a close for hundreds of students in Bergen. Soon, the experiences will be just memories. Then it’s possible to experience some form of «post-Erasmus depression», a non-scientific condition defined by the feeling of mundanity and sadness caused by returning from an exchange period abroad. We met a student who is expecting to experience it … Read More

As the days get shorter, many are affected by seasonal depression. We asked some students and a psychology specialist how you can make the upcoming months a little easier.

DARK AND STORMY: The winters in Bergen can be unforgiving. It's common to notice a change in the mood when the days get shorter. ILLUSTRATION: Kamilla Gjertine Måseide Gjernes / archive

When you live in the Nordic countries, perhaps the most prominent sign of the approaching winter is the darkness. With that, symptoms of seasonal depression may arise. If you struggle with seasonal depression, you are not alone. Tiredness, sadness and lack of motivation are things that many people are familiar with during the darker months. The lack of light can … Read More

On Sunday 8th of October, two students hugged for an extraordinarily long time. Their goal was not to draw attention to themselves but rather to something more universal.

RECORD: Karol Szczypka and Chiemeka Uzochukwu tried to break Guinness World Record. FOTO: Aurora Aga Åsheim

28-year-old philosophy student Chiemeka Uzochukwu and 23-year-old engineering student Karol Szczypka tried to beat the Guinness record in the discipline marathon hugging.  They wanted to draw attention to the issue of mental health by attracting attention to the project. – It was not about ourselves, it was a projection of the need to be with other people, comments Uzochukwu. Wants … Read More

CORRESPONDENT: Since the outbreak of COVID 19, my mental health has seen a major decline. But I’ve never felt so hopeful and better about it.

DIRTY. The feeling of being unclean did not dissapear, no matter how much I tried. Illustrastion: Thale Mathiassen

The voice in my head screamed as I scrubbed my body with soap and scalding hot water. I had just gotten home, and I felt like everything outside was dirty: I had to get clean. I stood in the shower, naked. All my clothes were already in the laundry basket, waiting to be washed. I took a burning hot shower, … Read More

While lockdowns and restrictions inhibit social interactions, some exchange students in Bergen manage to build a social life.

SOCIAL LIFE. Both German Taraneh Redwood and Finnish Lasse Lund has found ways to establish a social life in Bergen. PHOTO: Andreas Fjellanger

– It’s challenging because you need to have some fantasy to have social interaction, you can’t just have a huge party.  This says Lasse Lund, an exchange student from Finland, about the social life in Bergen during the pandemic. Even though he has been having a great time in Bergen, he does admit that the current situation has forced him … Read More

This says the acting head of Studentenes Psykiske Helsetjeneste - SPH (Students' Mental Health Service), Charlotte Lie. And this is especially true for international students.

Do you need someone to talk to?

Seeking help as a student, when struggling with mental issues, even if it is just the experience of loneliness, is often hard. For international students there might even be bigger obstacles. The foreign language may seem like a big complication, but Charlotte Lie, acting head of SPH explains that she never experienced any problems in consultation with international students. The … Read More

Olav Schewe, author of Superstudent and education researcher, shares seven tips on how to stay on track during corona shutdowns.

ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Henriette Frøysland Thorkildsen

Olav Schewe

Olav Schewe, author of Superstudent and education researcher, shares some tips to keep on track during COVID-19 time.

Every student faces difficulties, some larger than others. Ulrikke Falch gives advice on how to overcome these obstacles.

This was the theme of the TEDx Bergen 2019, held at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) on October the 19th. Among the topics addressed were mental health and social pressure among young people. Read: Extreme Increase in Rental Prices at Fantoft. For some, the years spent at university can be more difficult and troubled than expected. According to the SHoT … Read More