Flukten fra Syria var det mest nedverdigende Nermin Hussein (25) noen gang har opplevd. Nå håper hun å dra tilbake.


– Jeg har en drøm, sier Nermin Hussein (25). Hun ler, og virker å skjønne at hun kanskje sikter høyere enn de fleste.  – Jeg har en drøm om å reise tilbake til Syria og stille til valg. «The President of The Syrian Republic». Hussein og familien kommer opprinnelig fra Syria. Hun vokste opp i den nordøstlige byen Qamishli, nær … Read More

ISU-UiB stopped organizing the General Assemblies for the sole reason that it had become unproductive event which solicited no interest, the president of ISU-UiB writes.

ANSWER. The president of the ISU-UiB disagree with the allegations of the organisation being undemocratic. – We give the platform to our members to exchange with us and discuss any matter they think is relevant. Illustration: Tora Kyllingstad.


International Students Union at the University of Bergen (ISU-UiB) will not concede to the allegations made against ISU-UiB and ISU-Norway. However, with respect to the right of expressions and opinion we will give clarification in the following statement. It is important to note that ISU-UiB is an independent local branch of ISU-Norway, therefore it is the responsibility of the local board to … Read More