International voices look at Norway for a role model, while people in Bergen seem to struggle as well with the restrictions.

GLAD. Sofia Cestonaro is happy that in Norway she is able to do things, compared to being in lockdown in Italy. PHOTO: Andrea Olsen


Sofia Cestonaro has arrived in Bergen in the beginning of January from Italy. She thinks that the locals in Norway have a big advantage when it comes to the corona situation, which has forced everyone to keep social distance. – People do not constantly hang out in big groups, but that is rooted in their culture. In some way Norwegians … Read More

Newly arrived international students are now required to isolate themselves for ten days after their arrival in Norway.

STRESS. The Corona situation caused the exchange students a lot of stress due the uncertainty. Foto: Sakinah Lisa Illustrasjon: Ingvild Hauglid


At the moment it is not a given that students can go on their planned exchanges. The University of Bergen has made it possible for exchange students to stay in Bergen, even in these challenging times. Entering Norway, you are now required to stay at one of the quarantine hotels after your arrival if you do not have a suitable … Read More

Students should limit social contact as far as possible.


Over the last two weeks the number of infected people increased sharply. Overall there are now 1028 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since February in the municipality of Bergen. It was confirmed Wednesday that there were 257 new infections registered in Bergen over the las ten days, the most since the virus first started spreading in February. The new outbreaks are … Read More

OPINION: We can be the best friends of our heroes who are fighting the real enemy, the bad guy, the coronavirus.


It’s probably not news to you, if I tell you, that laughing decreases our stress level and increases our overall happiness. That’s just a no brainer. But did you also know, that laughing not only reduces the risk of infections but also boots our immune system? Astonishing isn’t it? If you hadn’t figured it out before I think this is … Read More

OPINION: Covid-19 brought my exchange year to a grinding halt. Meanwhile, other people have real life and death problems. Are my complaints even valid?


Around 36 hours before St. Patrick’s Day, all pubs and bars in Ireland were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can probably imagine the carnage. Carnage even beyond the deep, internal dread of an Irish person faced with a pintless Paddy’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day is our national holiday, on par with the 17th.of May in terms of cultural … Read More

Den berømte anonyme gatekunstneren AFK avla et besøk til Norges Handelshøyskole (NHH) så fort han kom ut av karantene.


31. mars la den mye omtalte gatekunstneren, som blant annet har dekorert studentbaren Diskuterbar, ut følgende innlegg på Instagram. Se dette innlegget på Instagram I had to celebrate the end of my quarantine with a little visit to the Norwegian school.of economics.. #LetsLearnLessons #history #NHH #Capitalism #neoliberalism #closedforbusiness #streetart #gatekunstnorge #gatekunstbergen #AFK #afkstreetart Et innlegg delt av Afk Artwork (@afk_artworks) … Read More

Veldferdstinget Vest har involvert studentorganisasjoner fra hele landet i en kampanje mot koronafester.

ARKIVFOTO: Kristin Eidsheim


Onsdag 18. mars publiserte Velferdstinget Vest (VT Vest) en kampanje på Facebook kalt «#MAX5» for å hindre såkalte koronafester. Anette Arneberg, leder i VT Vest, forteller at de hørte om store koronafester i studentboliger og kollektiv i Bergen. – Vi ble litt sjokkerte rett og slett, og hadde lyst til å bidra til å snu dette. Spesielt fordi Sammen Bolig … Read More

The leader of an outdoor organisation and a researcher give their advice on how to lead an active life during the winter.


This article was written before the outbreak of the coronavirus. Now, there are several guidelines implemented by the Norwegian government that we have to follow in order to prevent spreading the virus. We have, however, been advised to go out of the house – taking walks in remote areas, or going hiking, as long as we keep our distance from … Read More

CORRESPONDENT: My journal as an Italian student in the times of the coronavirus.

Photo: Nina Berger


When the Italian government announced on February 23th the closure of universities and schools for a week in areas where coronavirus was most spread, a sigh of relief rose from Bologna, the city where my university is located. Freedom! Nothing more to do than go for an aperitivo with friends. When the suspension was prolonged week by week, the sighs … Read More

On Tuesday afternoon it was confirmed that the first student in Bergen has tested positive to the corona virus. Studvest gives you a rundown of all the events that happened so far.

Photo: Beate Felde


The person in question is an international student at the University of Bergen (UiB) who lives at Fantoft. Sammen’s head of communications, Marita Monsen, told Studvest that the organisation can confirm that the student is not seriously ill and that he is sitting in isolation in his flat. What will happen regarding the lectures? So far the various institutions in … Read More