Gender wage disparity need increased attention in Norway.

ILLUSTRATION: Lukas Hauge Klemsdal

It shouldn’t be necessary for me to write this opinion piece in 2023 – but here I am. International women’s day is about celebrating women’s achievements in society. But it is equally important that we elucidate certain issues that take away from said contributions on this day.  In Norway we have come a long way in terms of gender equality … Read More

Kamil Krzysztof Karczewski is not happy with the effects that the bus schedule has on his social life. Skyss understands his concerns, but explains their need to prioritize.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Kamil Krzysztof Karczewski lives in Ytrebygda where there is no public transport at night during weekdays.

Kamil Krzysztof Karczewski (20) is in his first year of a Bachelor’s in International Management at BI in Bergen. He saw studying in the city center as a great opportunity to participate in student events.  However, as he tells Studvest, he experiences that Skyss’ schedule on weekdays affects his possibilities to participate in social activities. His main concern is a … Read More

Gap years between bachelor's and master's are in some countries viewed as a valuable experience. On the other hand, some countries see it as a waste of resources.

COMPASS. For Lena Debanck (left) and Sophie Schroeter a gap year in between their studies helped them take position to their future education.

– I wasn’t sure about what to do with my master, it’s an overwhelming decision!   Lena Debanck (23) is an exchange student studying European Studies at the University of Bergen (UiB). After finishing her bachelor’s degree in Art and Culture, she decided to take a gap year in order to clear her thoughts about her future. The Luxembourgian student wanted … Read More

Many Norwegians spend their Easter holidays reading or watching crime stories, so-called «påskekrim» (English: Easter crime). Can you solve the murder in this «påskekrim» about a group of students at Fantoft?

DEADLY. Can you figure out who the murderer is?

“Did you know that penguins are native to Norway?” Manual says as he follows Chris inside. The smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the entire bachelor apartment. “What do you mean ‘native to’?” Diana asks, stepping back and closing the door behind her friends. Heidi arrived a little earlier and waves from her spot on the bed. Chris takes off … Read More

Until recently I didn’t think so many people in Bergen could handle its weather.

RAIN. Ever since i moved to Bergen in the summer of 2021 I've wondered: How do we as humans cope with such constantly bad weather?

When I’m at home, there is usually a very short period between the moment I realize that I have a lecture in the city center and the moment I have to leave to get there on time. We’re talking about five minutes. Just enough time to grab my keys, fill up my water bottle and storm out of my apartment. … Read More

Adult friendship is difficult, but why?

FRIENDS. You might not make friends like they do in the movies, but you will find some. Illustration: Anna Jakobsen


When you are a kid, making friends is easy. Do you have something, literally anything, in common? Perfect, now you’re friends. It doesn’t matter if it’s a game, a color, a food or a character from a TV-show. And once school starts, most of your time is spent surrounded by people in your age group. Yet, making friends as an … Read More

Curl up with a warm drink and one of these books to make the dark days cozier.

BOOKS. Fall is here and winter is just around the corner.

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner. As the days are getting colder, darker and rainier, it’s the perfect time to be «hyggelig» inside. In the mood to explore more of Norway while staying warm? Grab a cup of tea or hot chocolate and curl up with one (or all!) of these fantastic reads by Norwegian authors.  … Read More