Party and work at the Bybanen night club

The Bybanen is a sanctuary. Most of the time, everything runs smoothly - unlike at night.

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YES: Felix Pasternak witnessed a wedding during a boozed-up night out.
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Apropos er den frie spalten der Studvest-journalistene kan skrive om akkurat det de vil. Språket er ofte i muntlig form, og med et glimt i øyet. OBS! Spalten har høy forekomst av satire, sarkasme og ironi, og bør tas med en klype (noen ganger en neve) salt.

Recently I had a merry evening with my besties and a few drinks. And then it was off to the Bergen night scene. 

Bybanen was our carriage of choice.

On this occasion, we, as internationals, quickly forget that we are not allowed to consume alcohol outside in Norway. And simply, some don't care. 

In any case, all beer cans - if discovered - are confiscated by the security guards in the Bybanen at the latest. This in turn leads to the staff regularly making their rounds with a few cans of beer in their arms. 

When the staff are taking the beer out of the hands of party animals, with about five half-full cans of beer in stock already, the authority crumbles briefly. 

Anyway, it's shameful that we put the staff in such a situation.

CHOO CHOO: There is a night and day difference between Bybanen at night and day.

And as if that isn't enough, the one colleague then takes the ring-shaped cap off his beer, before he hands the can in with a look of suffering. 

And now? He uses it to propose to a stranger live in front of the whole team, with all the trimmings. Genuflection, a wistful look, sparkling eyes and the biggest goosebump question of all: will you marry me?

She says yes! 

And the whole troop, about 20 people, cheer, dance and hug their newly beer-married colleague, who unabashedly mumbles a few funny words into a running phone camera, solemnly commenting on the situation like a carnival reporter. 

And who is in the middle of the hustle and bustle, doing their job? 

The bybanen train staff. 

That was the best, and only, wedding I have witnessed at Bybanen. 

To the staff: I'm sorry and quite embarrassed.

So next time, we will probably not be 100% sober, but more sensible, we promise!

I've written that down. 

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