The coziest way to discover Norwegian nature as a student

If you love outdoor activities, it's tempting to flee the city and explore the fjords and mountains. Here's advice from outdoor experts on the best weekend trips around Bergen.

THE TEAM: From the left: Birk Bell (member of DNT Unge Naturtalenter), Julie Myran (member of DNT Ung) and Jørund Strømsøe (leader of the group called Høyfjell). PHOTO: Brede Tolo Haugland
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Autumn and Winter with their wonderful colors and chill weather are the perfect times for experiencing the Norwegian mountains.

Locals know how to take full advantage of the hiking opportunities around Bergen. And after reading this article, you will too!

Weekend cabin trips around Bergen

Over the weekends, you can experience Hyttekos roughly translated to having a cozy time in a cabin, as close as possible to fjords, lakes and mountains.

But you may be wondering which cabin to choose.

– It depends on the experience you want to have, Strømsøe says.

For an easy and accessible cabin trip, he recommends one called Hallingskeid tourist cabin. It is only 200 meters from the train station at Hallingskeid and you can bring your own food and drink as well as buy food at the cabin.

There are some pretty hikes to do in the surrounding area, and it’s a nice place to meet new people.

Furthemore, Kaldavasshytta cabin was recommended by Julie Myran for the atmosphere with fantastic landscapes.

– During the summer, I feel like I am in the Hobbit movies, she says.

FREEZING NIGHT: A cold starry night at Kaldavasshytta. PHOTO: André Marton Perdersen (DNT)

You only have to walk between two and three hours from Upsete train station.

Birk Bell’s favorite cabin is Stavali. This cabin itself is not the most beautiful, but the location is very central to all surrounding areas, you can stay for several days there, he says.

The cabin is located on the Hardanger Plateau, and is close to one of the most famous natural attraction in Norway: Trolltunga. You will also pass the famous Husedalen valley known for its outstanding waterfalls on your way to Stavali.

Last but not least, Kiellandbu cabin is probably one of the best places.

– It is my favourite cabin and kind of a secret spot, Strømsøe says.

This one is really small and a staying there is a good way of getting closer to the heaven above (at least if the weather cooperates).

SECRET SPOT: Kiellandbu cabin in the sun during the winter. PHOTO: André Marton Perdersen (DNT)

For access, you can take the train to Bulken, then travel the rest with a private car or taxi to Hodnaberg.

Tips for your (first) cabin trip

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a novice, a cabin trip must be well-organized.

Firstly, you have to choose if you want an easy or challenging trip. However, if you are already totally lost, Strømsøe and all his DNT colleagues can help you with that as well.

– I recommend going to the DNT tour center downtown for recommendations. You can tell them what kind of trip and level you want, and the employees will give you advice, he says.

Then, you can go on the website ut.no to see all available cabins and suggestions on hikes or activities around them.

The beds at the cabins can be pre-booked online. Nevertheless, only half of the beds are available for booking, the rest are is available for people arriving without pre-booking.

MEMBERS: Myran’s favorite cabin is Kaldavasshytta, while Bell recommends visiting Stavali. FOTO: Brede Tolo Haugland

– If the cabin is full, it’s possible to just sleep on the floor on a mattress, Strømsøe clarifies.

Once at the cabin, you can pay for food and your overnight stay on an app called DNT Hyttebetaling.

Stay on the path

– During your hike, it is important to follow the trail, this can reduce the risk of being hurt or getting lost, Bell says.

Strømsøe adds that many trails are marked with a T in the mountains, so you just have to follow them during your hike.

– If I should make a recommendation, it is to dress well. It’s wool, wool and wool, Strømsøe repeats.

He emphasizes that if you are freezing, nothing will be fun at all. Moreover, don’t forget your best friend: the rain jacket.

Friluftsliv and Kos

Norwegian outdoor lovers tend to flee the hustle and bustle of the city as often as they can to walk the mountains alone or in a small group. They are not unsociable but just practitioners of Norwegian Friluftsliv and Kos philosophies.

Friluftsliv refers to the time passed outdoors for spiritual and physical well-being. It means outdoor recreation or life in the fresh air. Kos represents enjoying the simple pleasures of life and cozy times, wherever you are and whoever you are with.

For Jørund Strømsøe, Friluftsliv and Kos means having a nice time outdoors together with friends or family.

– The best example is making a bonfire, sitting down together around and just having nice time, that’s maybe the most Norwegian thing you can do, he says.

To sum up, don’t forget your woolen sweaters and waterproof outfit, plan your trip online, and set off on your first (or not) cabin trip!

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