BEFORE. Fantoft was considered as one of the cheapest places to rent for students in Bergen.

Students have to pay between 60 percent and a 100 percent more for their apartments after renovations at Fantoft.

Since 2017 Sammen has been renovating old blocks at the student dorms at Fantoft. Before they were old 60/70s styled apartments that got complaints about living standards from the residents. The renovations started early 2018 with D/C block, which opened the summer of 2018. A/B block opened this June after a year of renovation. These new renovations comes at a … Read More

MACHINE. Construction Machinery is a common sight at Fantoft.

Major reconstruction work at Fantoft student housing is causing noise problems for residents.

Waking up is never easy. The noise of the alarm clock or that overplayed wake-up tune, it is part of the day to day routine. Unfortunately, for some of the students here in Bergen, a different kind of melody is their wake-up call. Major renovation works have been occurring at Fantoft Studentboliger for some time. These renovations have been a … Read More

OFFICIAL OPENING. The Fantoft training center was opened after a 6 months renovation.

OFFICIAL OPENING. The Fantoft training center is now open after six months renovation.

The newly renovated Fantoft training center is now open. The new hall includes more space, new equipment and an e-sport room.

Last semester Sammen could reveal that the training center at Fantoft was being rebuilt to accommodate the increase of customers at the center. Friday 6th of September, Trene Sammen opened the newly-renovated Fantoft training center to the public. The opening started with the official ribbon cutting and cake. Afterwards, the whole center opened for visitors. The new center is enlarged … Read More

Studcast. Einar Bjøru, Axel Fagerbakke og Kristine Tjøtta. Foto: Julie Helene Günther.

Det er snart sommerferie både for studenter og for Studcast. Men før vi vender snuten bort fra vestlandets hovedstad oppsummerer vi hva som har preget nyhetsbildet i student-Bergen dette semesteret.

Studvest presenterer Studcast! En enkel og grei podkast som på kort tid tar for seg aktuelle saker fra student-Bergen. I studio finner du Kristine Tjøtta, Axel Fagerbakke og nyhetsredaktør i Studvest, Johannes Steen. Vår produsent er Petter Hauge-Corneliussen. Lytt til Studcast på iTunes, Spotify eller søk opp «Studcast» i din foretrukne podcast-app. Dette semesteret har vi tatt et dypdykk i … Read More

BIGGER AND BETTER. The expansion of the existing training center at Fantoft started earlier in January and is planned to be completed in time for the next semester.

The training center will adapt to the increase of visitors and students by increasing in size. New machines and bigger training areas can be expected, along with new additions like a lobby and golf simulators.

Last year, Studvest wrote about students having a difficult time training in crowded Sammen training centers. Bård Johansen, director of Trening Sammen, could tell us then that there was no doubt a record number of people training at their centers – 80% of which are students. The training center at Fantoft is now being rebuilt to accommodate the increase of … Read More