Confusion about health care for international students

International students struggle to find the information they need, when they fall sick or have an emergency. Sammen promises to be better.

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  • If you need an appointment call 57 98 87 77 for 7 Fjell legesenter or 52 69 51 51 for Legene på Høyden.
  • For free contact to your local out-of-hours medical centre call 116 117.
  • If you think it is an emergency call 113 for the emergency medical helpline.



– I just called one of the numbers on the website, everything was in Norwegian, so I had no idea which was the right one.

This says Suzann Ohl, an international student from Germany about her experience when she fell sick in the beginning of August. Suzann searched for information on Sammen’s webpage and got directed to 7 Fjell medical centre, one of the medical centres Sammen works with. But on their webpage, there was no possibility to find information in English.

International students who are staying only for one semester or are currently waiting for an appointment for registration at the tax office do not get or do not have a Norwegian Social Security Number. Therefore are many not allocated to a general practitioner.

This means that they cannot get appointments at the public health service the same way as Norwegians can. 

Health Care Services provided by Sammen

Sammen as the welfare organization for students in Bergen provides Health Care services for all international students, independent of the institution they attend. 

– All students have access to appointments with 7 Fjell or Legene på Høyden, our dentists as well as appointments with psychologists or counsellors. If they are 25 or younger, they can also visit Engen Health Clinic, which focuses on sexual health. 

– The doctors will book you an appointment based on the priority of your situation. If there is a long wait for an appointment, or it’s outside office hours, you can go to the Bergen Emergency Clinic (Legevakt).

This says Anders Hønsi, Communications Consultant at Sammen.

Sammen promises to update information

– We will also update some of the information on our web page regarding this subject. As you made us aware, it can be a bit confusing as it stands now. 

Legene på Høyden and 7 Fjell are both independently run medical centres that Sammen collaborates with, informs Hønsi.

– They have recently gotten a new website, and the English content should be back soon. 

Sammen updated some of the information on their website after Studvest contacted them, but the information on the medical centers’ webpages is still only available in Norwegian and it remains hard to find clear information fast on Sammen’s webpage. 

Hønsi still confirms that all services are provided irrespective of Covid-19. 

– But, if you have any symptoms, are in quarantine, or may be infected with Covid-19 you have to contact the medical centres before you come to their office. 

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