Have you wondered where to ski near Bergen? There are many options only a bus ride away.

KVAMSKOGEN. The Kvam Forest located only an hour from Bergen is the most popular place for skiing of Bergensers

We are now in the middle of the winter and it’s finally getting lighter outside. For some norwegians, this time of year means dusting of your skis and heading up to the mountaintops.  Even though you might not believe it, because of the small amount of snow in Bergen, the best season for skiing is in January and February. It is the time of year with the best snow conditions in the mountains, even if there is little snow in the city streets. 

If you want to experience a true Norwegian winter, you should definitely leave the reading halls for a pair of skis or snowboard down the mountain slope. But, where are these mountains to be found? Do not despair, here is a list of the ski centers, which you can visit in Hordaland. In some of these resorts you can also try night skiing. That means skiing after sunset with only electric lights on to guide you, giving you no excuse not to take the time to leave the mountain.

EVENING SKIING. A popular activity after sunset with lights on that you can experience in Voss. (ILLUSTRATION PHOTO)


Season: 08.12.2018 – 22.04.2019
Things to do: Alpine skiing, evening skiing snowboarding (12 lifts, 45 km of slopes and 3 km of ski routes)
Price: 435 kr (1 day pass)
Opening hours: 9:30 – 16:00
Getting there: Train (80 mins), bus (1 hour 45 mins), car (1 hour 40 min)
Website: https://vossresort.no/en/winter/

Voss is known as the one of the most popular places for outdoor activities and extreme sports. It is located between Hardangefjord and Sognefjord, only circa 2 hours from Bergen. You will find there more than 40 km of groomed alpine trails (both easy slopes and challenging terrain). The ski resort offers 12 lifts and the gondola lift from the city center, and snowboard park. You can also try evening skiing after 16:00 until 20:00 on Tuesdays and Thursday and until 21:00 on Fridays. 


TRAILS . Many kinds of trails make it more exciting to ski for people with different skiing skills. (ILLUSTRATION PHOTO)

Season: 19.01.2019 – 22.04.2019
Things to do: trials with different degrees of difficulty
Price: 375 kr (1 day pass)
Opening hours: 9:30 – 16:00 (everyday)
Getting there: Bus and car (1 hour)
Website: https://www.eikedalen.no/home/

Eikedalen is located only 55 km from Bergen (1 hour) in the Kvam Forest. Ski center has 1 chair lift, 4 hook lifts and 3 dish covers. The trail network is very clear and is divided into 13 trails with varying degrees of difficulty. 

Furedalen Alpin

Things to do: snowboarding and evening skiing
Price: 350 kr (1 day pass)
Opening hours: Saturdays 10:00 – 17:00, Sundays 10:00 – 16:00
Getting there: Bus and car (1 hour)
Website: https://furedalen.no/index.html (only in Norwegian)

Next to Eikedalen there is also located Furedalen Alpin, which has 3 km of slopes and 2 lifts. It is located between 364 and 589 meters above sea level. 

THE NORWGIAN WAY. Many norwegians travel to go skiing during the winter. Often bringing oranges and “kvikk lunsj” to eat in the breaks. (ILLUSTRATION PHOTO)


Season: 15.12.2018 – 05.05.2019
Things to do: skiing and snowboarding (6 lifts, 12  slopes and a terrain park)
Price: 420 kr (day pass)
Opening hours: (In February) Everyday 10:00-16:00, Thuesday and Thursday 17:00-20:00, Friday 17:00-20:30.
Getting there: Bus and car (4 hours)
Website: http://www.roldal.com (only in Norwegian)

Røldad ski center is located near Odda, which is the city near the popular Trolltunga rock. Røldal is known for being extremely snow-proof and peak tour up to 1000 meters. The highest spot ends at 1284 meters above sea level.  

For more information about prices and getting to these ski centers you should visit their websites. You can also check the snow conditions before travelling there.