On Tuesday afternoon it was confirmed that the first student in Bergen has tested positive to the corona virus. Studvest gives you a rundown of all the events that happened so far.

Photo: Beate Felde

The person in question is an international student at the University of Bergen (UiB) who lives at Fantoft. Sammen’s head of communications, Marita Monsen, told Studvest that the organisation can confirm that the student is not seriously ill and that he is sitting in isolation in his flat.

What will happen regarding the lectures?

So far the various institutions in Bergen take different precautions to stop the coronavirus from spreading any further amongst their students.

University of Bergen (UiB)

The University of Bergen has cancelled all on-campus classes up until Easter and sends all their 18000 students home immediately. Students are not allowed to stay on campus. The University Museum is being closed as well. UiB will from now on continue to hold their lectures online as much as possible. There will also be changes made concerning the exams. The university is working on finding digital and other solutions.

The university is currently trying to find different solutions for conducting the exams.

The university libraries will be closed.


NHH will close all its facilities after Friday, 13th of March. NHH will hold all of their exams as home exams.


Bergens Tidende reports that HVL has chosen to close all its facilities and send their students home from the campus. The institution will be closed until the 14th of April.

Students who are doing practice work at the hospital or at schools should follow the guidelines of the respective institutions.

HVL. Høgskulen på Vestlandet (HVL) will be closed until the 14th of April. Photo: Andrea Olsen


Bi stops all on-campus lectures and will continue to teach digitally. The campus itself will also be closed. On top of that has BI cancelled all student events up until April to prevent the virus from spreading.

Høyskolen Kristiania

Høyskolen Kristiania stops all on-campus lectures and will continue to teach online. The institution also decided to cancel all student events until further notice.


VID stops their on-campus lecture on the 12th of March. From now on the lectures will be held digitally.

Sammen closes all of its facilities

In a press report, Sammen writes that they have decided to close all of their fitness centers, cafeterias and other facilities to avoid the spreading of the virus.

CLOSED. Sammen is now closing all of their fitness facilities. Foto: Julie Helene Günther
Bars are closing, avoid leisure travel and public transport

– This is a difficult time for Norway and the world. Norway faces a challenge as a society, but also as individuals, prime minister Erna Solberg said in a press conference Thursday afternoon.

The Norwegian government has now implemented measures to prevent the virus from spreading:

  • Everyone that has been travelling outside of the Nordic countries has to be quarantined. This has a retroactive effect from the 27th of February.
  • Public transport will function normally but avoid it if possible. Also avoid leisure travel.
  • Bars and clubs that do not serve food will be closed.
  • All events are to be cancelled. This includes the student festival UKEN as well.
  • Do not stock up on food. The convenience stores are being kept open as normal.