What kind of «rainy» person are you?

Have you not thought about rain in Bergen in the last week? Tired of wet clothes and clouds? Are you dreaming of some sun? Or are just tired because of the coronavirus? Find out what kind of «rainy» person are you in our first quiz!

RAIN. Bergen is the wettest and the rainiest city in Europe.
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Facts about weather in Bergen

  • Early fall and winter: periodes with the highest rainfall in Bergen.
  • October, November and December: the wettest months.
  • 539,9 mm: total rainfall in October 2018. 
  •  200: average number of rainy days in Bergen.
  • 2015: record year with 276 rainy days.
  •  83: the record of rainy days in a stretch.
  • There are 12 Bergen’s Umbrella Rules.

1. What is your favorite season?

A: Summer.

B: Spring.

C: Autumn.

D: Winter.

2. What kind of weather do you prefer?

A: Sunny.

B: Cloudy.

C: Rainy.

D: Extreme weather.

3. How do you feel about rain?

A: Depressing.

B: Tiring. 

C: Neutral.

D: Fantastic!

4. How well are you prepared for extreme weather?

A: I only have an umbrella.

B: Good enough. 

C: Very well (Many umbrellas, coats, boots etc.)

D: Good, but I do not need a lot of stuff, like umbrellas, ponchos etc.

5. What is your favourite outfit?

A: Casual (no covers).

B: Cozy hoodie. 

C: Jackets (lots of covers).

D: Raincoats and rubber boots.

6. How many rainy days will you make it through?

A: Not even a day.

B: 1-2 days.

C: 3-5 days.

D: Week or more.

7. What are you mostly doing during rainy days when you have nothing to do?

A: Nothing, stay home or sleep.

B: Some home activities.

C: Trying to be as productive as I can.

D: Enjoying it outside.

Check the most fitting description here:

Mostly A’s: Rainy Troll

You are probably from a country where you don’t experience rain that often. You enjoy sunny and warm days, what is something you definitely will miss in Bergen until May. Rainy weather gets you in a bad mood and you are always looking for the sky to clear up. You might also think that you can rely only on one umbrella here. Maybe you already had to buy another one after rainy days in January? More than 48 hours of rain will be not good for you. You also like casual clothes that are airy and comfortable to wear. This probably will not be possible in Bergen before springtime.

Mostly B’s: Rain Optimist

You are probably from a country where you experience rain on a larger or smaller scale. You like mostly «normal» weather (both if it is sunny or cloudy). The rain is not annoying you that much and you can make it through a few days. But what is enough is enough after all. Anyways, you are well prepared for the rain and have comfortable clothes for rainy weather. 

Mostly C’s: Rain Master

You are probably from a country where it is raining a lot, or at least you are used to rain. Colder seasons do not impact you that much. You are also well prepared for the rain. You have a few umbrellas, a raincoat, good shoes etc.). Wearing a jacket for the most of the time does not bother you at all neither. Thus, more than three days with rain is OK for you.

Mostly D’s: Rain Lover

You are probably from a country where you also experience rain on a larger or smaller scale, but you love it! You probably also like winter because it is the wettest season in Norway. You are as well prepared as the «Rain Master» and enjoy every weather phenomenon. You don’t even mind if you get wet.

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