It’s Halloween again and it can only mean one thing: The annual costume anxiety.


If the student budget can’t stretch to a new, snazzy (or dubiously sexy) costume, do not stress. Studvest has the answer – six costumes you can make in minutes using the few things you have lying around at home.

«When Life Gives You Lemons»

This cliché expression is a great inspiration for a very simple costume. Taking mere seconds, the costume is also very post one-night stand friendly. To top it all off, lemons are a very practical way to upgrade your drink of choice.

FRUITY. Life likes to throw many things your way.

What you need: A small scrap of paper with «Life» written on it. Attach this with tape to a shirt, ideally yellow for full effect. Next, head to the store and, while buying your drink of choice, grab a couple of lemons. Other fruit or vegetables are also acceptable. Life could always give you carrots, apples or even celery.

Post Malone

Always dreamed of being a bad a$$ rapper with an impressive amount of face tattoos? Whether or not you answered yes, this costume is easy, iconic and removable. Post Malone’s tattoos are easy to recognise and are fun on both girls or boys.

INKED. The tattoos and beard can always be removed.

What you need: Eyeliner (or permanent marker if you are extra daring). Aluminium foil can be used to line your top row of teeth to add a (temporary) flash to Post’s smile.


Have you arrived at the party only to realize the «costumes mandatory» message was very much real? You dash to the bathroom to hide and make a plan. Never fear. The answer is at arms-reach, literally. Wrap yourself in toilet paper and resurrect as the scariest (cheapest) mummy around. You won’t be winning any prizes but once the party gets going you can always tear it off.

TOILET PAPER. All you need for this simple costume.

What you need: Toilet paper. Tape if you want the costume to stay together. N.B. Probably pack a raincoat, because this mummy doesn’t do well with the Bergen rain.

It’s Raining Men

Hallelujah. As much as this is a dreamy concept, it’s also a costume sure to generate a laugh. After all, you are a resident of the rainy city. Throw on some rain gear and grab your umbrella. It’s time to get to work. Cut out the heads of great (or just beautiful) men or women and tape the heads onto the umbrella or raincoat. It usually rains cats and dogs, but tonight it’s raining men!


What you need: An umbrella, printed out pictures of heads to cut out, string, scissors and tape.

White Trash

Wikipedia defines white trash as a slur referring to poor white people. If you already have blown your entire student loan on mochaccinos, overpriced tequila shots and have «Live, Laugh, Love» memorabilia, embrace your identity. Show some entertaining irony and wear it with pride. Make some holes in a trash bag and stick «White Trash» on the front.

GARBAGE. Fitting in nicely.

What you need: A black trash bag. Paper. Tape. A sense of self depreciating humour.

Friendly neighbourhood Jogger Dad

Arriving to the party straight from the gym? Getting some stares from the surrounding pirates and nurses? Embrace the sweat and be an icon. Everyone knows the type and is there anything scarier? Dubiously tight shorts, bright white sneakers and a goofy grin. Getting in the daily run while dinner is being cooked and the bratty toddlers watch trashy kids TV. If you too long to be a «jogging DILF» then this is the costume for you.

«DILF». Need we say more?

What you need: Training clothes and reflective gear. Lots and lots of reflective gear.