– When an international student faces the end of the semester, (s)he should try to make the most out of the last few weeks, says an ex-exchange student.

November means shorter and colder days, but it is still too early to celebrate Christmas. November also means that exams are approaching and the semester is about to end. 

For an international student, this means one thing in particular: the exchange period is almost over, and soon it will be time to go back home. But there are still some weeks to use effectively.

Joachim Morken, a 24-year-old Norwegian student who spent the past fall semester in Melbourne, Australia, did just that.

– I don’t have any regrets about my semester, because I tried to take advantage of every moment, says Morken.

ENTHUSIAST. Joachim Morken (24) had the time of his life in Australia. PHOTO: Adrian Grindbakken
Plan a Trip

One of the first things that Morken did to make the most out of his semester in Australia was to plan a road trip with some friends around the country.

– For my last month, I tried to suck the most out of the country. I planned a road trip to see as much as possible, Morgen says, and continues:

– Having something to wait for at the end of the exchange period can be a good way to avoid being sad for the last few weeks.

CONVINCED. Morken thinks that every student should study abroad. PHOTO: Adrian Grindbakken
Being an Exchange Student in Bergen

– It’s bittersweet, I like being here, but I sort of look forward to getting back to my life, says Chris Owain Cæter.

He is a Welsh student who studies Romance Language and Literature at the University of Munich. He is spending this fall semester at the University of Bergen and in December he will return to Germany.

STUDYING ABROAD. Chris Owain Cæter (34) is an exchange student in Bergen. PHOTO: Eliza Syropoulou

Before coming to Bergen, Cæter didn’t have many expectations, but now he is glad to have chosen Bergen for his exchange. His goal is to return home with no regrets.

– When I began my semester here, I had a list of all the things that I wanted to do here in Bergen. I have now managed to do much of the things that I wanted, says Cæter.

Managing Your Time

He thinks that another way to not succumb under the weight of books is to carefully plan your time to be able to have fun with friends and flatmates, without failing your exams. In his opinion, this is the only way to have fun without any rue. 

– One of the most difficult things I tried to do was planning my days to have time to party, and to study, says Morken. 

There is Still Something Left to Do 

Even if the semester is coming to an end, Bergen is still a city with lots of things to do. Right now Christmas is getting closer, and the city is preparing itself. 

The official Christmas season will start on November, the 23rd with the Lysfesten (Light Fest). All the city will gather on Festplassen and everybody will turn their candles on, waiting for the fireworks. Usually, there are many people, so don’t miss it.

If you are into Christmas market or you just want some ideas for your presents, you should take a look at the Bergen Julemarked. This typical Christmas market will start on November, the 28th, until December, the 22nd. You can find this big fair at Festplassen.